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  1. Starting today - guessing expectations should be low.
  2. The dude isn't going to throw any passes further than 5 yards. More worried about him getting injured.
  3. Unless he gets injured he should manage 10 points minimum. Seems reasonable for a flex spot. Especially for people with a short bench due to COVID.
  4. That would be relevant if Arians' had been coaching Brady or a Brady type at any point in his career.
  5. 15 point non ppr day incoming. See you at 11:30 sweetie.
  6. Yea the guy that loves WWE is going to be a real straight shooter in interviews. If he gets 5+ targets a game the TD's will come.
  7. Context is important. I'll happily take Cam's production as a10th round pick over Mahomes/LJ's production as 2nd round picks.
  8. Led the team in targets and receptions today. Glad I only benched him.
  9. I really don't buy the the notion that Gronk left retirement to block. He left because of the physical toll the game had on his body. What was the point in him coming back just to block? If it is true it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  10. Yea it's hilarious how this guy is 30 year old Prince Fielder at 21.
  11. It really doesn't matter what a person is ranked as a prospect - how is that not obvious by now?
  12. yea it's laughable to suggest a guy with negative WAR shouldn't be in the majors.
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