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  1. Don’t ignore my King Felix submission
  2. I watched the app on my phone while on a cross country flight and blackout restrictions still allied as we flew over cities. 😄 I guess I shouldn’t complain. Who would have thought we could ever watch a live baseball game on a plane.
  3. I thought all a guy had to do was run past an area on the field to get eligibility on Yahoo. This must be the only time ever a guy has eligibility on ESPN and not Yahoo.
  4. Not every league has to be ultra competitive.
  5. Not coming off last year and already sitting games with a back injury this year. Would you trade Acuna for a package where Yelich is the featured return?
  6. They're gonna have so many double headers, Carrasco is gonna have 30 starts.
  7. If I was deGrom, I'd be asking my agent to find a way to get me to LA or SD as soon as possible.
  8. Dang, the Mets are either gonna play about 130 games this year, or they're gonna have about 30 double headers in the second half.
  9. McKinstry was picked up literally as I was clicking in his profile. Guess that makes my decision easier. 😄
  10. I think it's about the worst time possible to try to go after Acuna and, to a lesser extent, Soto. And no, I don't think your offer would work. I think you'd need a much more established centerpiece. If I own either Acuna or Soto in a dynasty, I don't know that I'm moving them for anything on your roster without you offering something ridiculous. That said, your team looks real solid. I don't think you need to try to go after either.
  11. That was my thought on the closer swap as well. I like Amir, but, "eh". Guys pop up all year. Kendall Graveman is available as well, who I might like more than both anyway. Was honestly thinking about picking up Lowrie AND McKinstry. Can platoon both of them at 2B, then rotate Schwarber, Senzel, Happ & Walsh in and out of that 3rd OF & UT spot based on matchups. And no, Happ is not 2B eligible, unfortunately.
  12. 2B eligible on ESPN. We think this has some staying power?
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