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  1. I don't know about your last point. He's going in between Muncy, Meadows & Goldy, Cruz, Will Smith, Altuve. I don't know that I would call any of those guys much safer than JD.
  2. I don't know that people are "down" on him necessarily. I think it's just recognizing what he is. He's a batting average risk with good power and decent speed in a questionable lineup.
  3. To be clear, I meant Lewis in his prime might reach that. Although, he's already 25, so maybe that's still a bit high.
  4. Took a ground ball off the finger yesterday. Fractured left ring finger. Not seeing anything re a timetable yet.
  5. Maybe it's just because of the Mariner connection, but I've always got kind of a young Adam Jones vibe from him. Little bit lower average probably, but I think the power is there. Possible low 30s HR guy, could scare double digit bags. M's need to hit on a couple of their top prospects and get some talent in that lineup around him if you're ever going to expect much in the R & RI dept. Projections have him around .240, 23 HRs, 74 Rs, 74 RIs & 7 bags. Prime Kyle Lewis; I could see .260, 30, 100, 100 & 10 maybe? Again, the Rs & RBIs are tough to gauge right now.
  6. Found this interesting on Burnes... He practically completely overhauled his arsenal in 2020. Hard to compare what he did last year to anything because he was essentially a completely different pitcher. That entire thread is great, by the way.
  7. Really? I believe the default in my league is 10, and that's what I use. With just 4 SP spots, you're essentially forcing teams to use bench spots on SPs or stream. Personally, I don't like forcing strategy on teams. But, that's just me. If this works for your league, then keep it.
  8. Wait, did we actually play that league out? I completely forgot about it once COVID shut everything down. My bad. Was this the draft I took grief over drafting Tatis over Arenado? 😄 I'm down for another slow mock though.
  9. https://www.fantraxhq.com/4-late-round-fliers-that-could-pay-off-big-in-2021/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Good blurb on White. Summary, White smashes the ball when he makes contact and has good sprint speed. The problem is his horrific K rate. Last year was his first time playing above AA, so there's reason to believe that K rate could improve quite a bit. Could be a late, late round, poor man's Cody Bellinger/Paul Goldschmidt type guy.
  10. Uhh, what? The guy hit 38 HRs the last time he played a full healthy season and FIFTY NINE the year before that. I get avoiding him if you don't think he can stay healthy, but how can you say he offers no upside IF healthy?
  11. Currently going about 130 between Contreras & d'Arnaud. Kind of feels like one of the last options before you really start to go shopping in the bargain bin.
  12. Concerning that he felt that after just 69 innings pitched?
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