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  1. I think Goodell is doing a good job as a commissioner. If guys would stop abusing women then Goodell wouldn’t have to interfere. Brady, Zeke, and others that have been disciplined by the league brought it on themselves. I don’t get the hate for Goodell. Dont do the crime and you won’t spend a dime or miss time.
  2. Yeah, you can keep his 12pts. The door won’t hit me but I wish Brees could have hit his WRs and not Detroit’s defenders.
  3. Zeke needs to get that money to the judge’s account even if it takes all night.
  4. If other players can be critiqued for their games then Brees is no exception to the rule. He was healthy and the end result was a lousy 12pts in my lineup. He will be benched until further notice. He’s underperforming compared to my other QBs and he’s healthy.
  5. He complained weeks ago and still received reduced snaps to JuJu. This is the early stage of “honey, I want a divorce.” The outcome is, will Bryant and steelers reconcile to work it out or part ways amicably?
  6. Yes, he will have the best treatment but I’m just saying how the hamstrings linger...
  7. This is not farfeteched and I agree somewhat. These guys know that they have to step it up so that equates to better production. I only own the RBs not any of the WRs but I think the offense will keep moving forward with Hundley.
  8. I’m not an athlete or man but giving my perspective. I pulled my hammy 2 months ago doing sprints and it’s still isn’t right. These injuries linger and at times I feel it tighten and like it’s going to lock. I can only imagine how and what pros go through.
  9. I’m not discouraged at all about his numbers last week. I got 3.7 pts from him. He can only go up from here! Besides, we knew he would be eased back into action. He’s a hold for me.
  10. You are still in here defending Brees game last week and you call others Cam fan boys? Lol. It would be safe to say that you fit the description of a Bree’s fan boy.
  11. Yesssss, glad I know now instead of picking him up with waiver! thank, coach!!!
  12. My guess is that the direct deposit from Zeke’s checking account to the judge’s account hasn’t been processed. As soon as transaction is processed, Zeke will play. Court is adjourned.
  13. Can you all please stop playing in here with the misinformation?? Geezzz...there are people's lives that depend on this decision. lol
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