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  1. If it doesn’t work they cut like haynesworth. Shocked so many are stunned by Bill's move to sign AB...Anybody follow history? He loves buying BIG talent when value is LOW He'll cut if it fails and get a Comp pick in 2020..No real risk.
  2. Guys, lets keep this thread on the real topic....Him as a player and career....We dont need this topic going off the rails in regards to people's difference of opinions. Keep it sports related or this thread will need to take a time-out!
  3. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, right or wrong...So lets keep on topic
  4. As a sox fan, I completely loved the season he had. Do I think he replicates 2016? No. He has never truly hit for average at any level that I can remember, nor had the power. I would love for him to put up comparable numbers but cant see it I wish they sold high on him during the season when he looked unstoppable.
  5. mmmmmm, Steak Tip Sub from LaCascias...

  6. I hate your fricken gutts !!!

  7. Goofy



  8. Make that the Boz's Den !!!

  9. Kyle is a lock to be here, just get KG's pick...........geeeeeeeesh....lol
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