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  1. Lmaooo, You're sick buddy !!!

  2. Ray like them as well !!

  3. Salt loves MustacheToes

  4. Hello Mr. Mod sir !!!

  5. Nice to have you back bro !!!

  6. Whats the Cards record again bro....I forgot? Lol

  7. Yawk, get your boy Raymond. Its his pick and quickster is waiting on him...lol Make him an offer he cant refuse...
  8. Noooooooo, thats your famous text to me....The infamous LOL
  9. Well he can be up for discussions if anyone is interested guys. Just dont offer me Damon !!!
  10. You kill me buddy....Ill tell ya. since being in leagues with all you guys Ive had alot of laughs...LOL Did you like my ...LOL ...texts,
  11. Well Ray told me you wanted him, thats why I snagged him first....lmaoooooo Just kidding bro !!!!
  12. Ohhhhhhh Lenny Clark !!! This is what I got from you through PM last night, lol So I couldnt make it out Little Ray...lol Your PM last night...lol Absoutley hannered rihjt now... I wnrt to see Lemmy Calrk earleir and tehn wnet to rhe Kowloom...My Ties are killin me...
  13. Ray, you are up !!!!! Stop making us always wait for you.....lol
  14. Well if you type if you did last night, we will never have to worry about you making an accurate pick up....due to drunk spelling...lol
  15. You should of went for Corpas or Soria bro....lol
  16. Yeah. closers are becoming very limited. Maybe I should snag another stud....lol
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