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  1. I'm looking to take over a team in a Dynasty league. I've played fantasy for 20+ years and have done keeper leagues but never Dynasty. These are the general settings I'm looking for: Yahoo only Free leagues only 10+ teams 1/2 point or full PPR Keep most of roster if not full team Ability to trade draft picks ideally If you are looking for an experienced replacement manager please let me know.
  2. Jose Martinez for me. Grichuk might have the edge in HR but I think Martinez is better all around and will be a better fantasy asset.
  3. To be honest the more I look at your offense the more I like it... you have a lot of studs that should provide a lot of power. I love Acuna and Dahl on your bench. It was mostly your starting UTIL I wasn't thrilled about but you have so many other great hitters. If you can start 8 RP's with daily lineups then I would for sure punt SP's... they will only hurt you with losses, walks and higher ERA/WHIP. Each year there are fewer pitchers racking up CG / SHO's so I think most weeks those will be 0-0 ties.
  4. I'm not a big fan of your starting pitching. Those are weird category choices because most weeks CG and SHO will end in a 0-0 tie so with W, L, SV, BB, K, ERA, WHIP I would go very RP heavy and just punt SP's. You can win Losses, saves, walks, ERA, and WHIP and only lose Wins and K's. Instead of picking 5 average SP's I would have focused more on hitting those rounds because in a 12 team league I'm not sure if your offense will be enough to win most weeks. If you can flip your SP's for upgrades at SS / UTIL and try to find some saves on the waiver wire I think you will be very difficult to bea
  5. I just realized I made a typo... it's actually a 6 x 6 with OPS added. Would that change anything for you?
  6. I think Hootie pretty much nailed it here. I would take Eloy personally too but it's really close. I would want his power upside. Can you help with mine?
  7. If you are rebuilding a team I wouldn't start with pitching and especially not closers. Trade all your closers and older players this year for a young core of hitters that you can keep year to year and build around. If you are picking 4th then I would rank them: Rendon Sano Gallo Castillo Can you help with mine please?
  8. This is exactly what I was going to say. I think Calhoun is the definite #2 for Fantasy Impact. Can you help with mine?
  9. I would prefer Carrasco by a decent margin. I would do the deal and immediately work on finding a new SS if you don't have anyone. Hopefully you at least have a starting MLB SS though. Your SP are really hurting and Carrasco would be a good start. Can you help with mine?
  10. That's a tough choice... both of those guys are amazing in a SV/HLD league. I would go with Robertson because he's proven he can do it year after year and should get a ton of Holds on the Yankees with a good chance at saves if Chapman gets hurt or needs a day off. Minter might have more long term upside... and maybe he could even be better this year... but I'm more confident Robertson will be elite. Can you help with mine please?
  11. As your 9th player I would swing for the fences with Ohtani. If he flops then oh well... you'll be able to pick up or trade for a replacement 9th keeper. If he's as amazing as some people think he can be then you may have your ace for years to come... I think it's worth the gamble. Cain is good but he doesn't have the upside the SP's do and you already have 2 top-10 OF including the #1 in Trout... you aren't hurting for OF or for SB. Can you help with mine please?
  12. Who would you pick to be the 30th person on your roster? It's 12 team Dynasty 5x5 Roto and these are my options for my last player slot: Chris Davis Jonathan Lucroy Bradley Zimmer Marcus Semien Matt Chapman Max Kepler Stephen Piscotty Jesse Winker Clint Frazier Nick Williams Matt Harvey I'm competing for the league championship this year if that matters. Who is your top choice? Second Choice? Post your link and I'll help you too.
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