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  1. I'm pretty strong @ WR (ARob, AJ Brown, AB, Golladay, K. Allen, Claypool, G. Davis, etc) & could use RB depth (Nothing really behind CMC, CEH & J. Robinson). Start 2 RB, 3 WR & 2 flex. It's a 1 QB league & I also have Lamar & Cousins. Hunt offered me his Hunt & Darnold for my Tua, Aiyuk & Engram. I am on the fence of Hunt v Aiyuk. I think, if I do want the deal, I counter with Aiyuk straight up for Hunt. Worst case, try Tua & Aiyuk for Hunt & Darnold. Opinions? (I am a contender this year)
  2. Is there a counter worth trying here or should I just move on?
  3. I am strong at WR. AJ Brown, ARob, Golladay, Parker, Allen, Gallup, Antonio Brown, Coutee, Aiyuk, G. Davis, Claypool, Grant RB=James Robinson, CEH, CMC, McKissic, Dare Ogun, Ingram, Cohen TE: Engram, Goedert, Uzomah Start 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE & 2 flex.
  4. Previously, the Waller owner sent me an offer of his Waller, 2021 1.08 & 2021 3.03 for my Keenan Allen, Golladay & 3.09. I declined. He just sent me the same offer again, but a little different...my 3.09 is not included. Rest is same lol I think I'd rather have Allen at this point
  5. what would it take to get him in PPR? I have been trying & keep getting turned down with no counter. 1.09 + Golladay + Engram doesn't get it done... I'd rather not deal Goedert... Waller owner just sent me an offer...His Waller, 2021 1.08 & 2021 3.03 for my Keenan Allen, Goedert & Golladay. For me it breaks down to Waller for Allen, the 1.08 for Golladay & 3.03 for Goedert. I think that would be me paying too much. Especially when the Nuk owner tried to get Allen from me for him (Not straight up, though). I'd rather have Nuk if I'm moving Allen.
  6. WR is not my weak spot (I need Rb & TE depth), but I thought the offer I just received is interesting. This is dynasty PPR.... His Mike Evans & Beckham for my Claypool & 2021 1.09 pick. We start 2 RB, 3 WR & 2 Flex Thoughts?
  7. After Allen gave me a dud, I am in a playoff hole. I am choosing between Claypool, Coutee or Engram. I have Claypool in right now, but not confident...
  8. Stick w/Cousins or risk starting Lamar?
  9. Need to start 2 from this list in PPR... Parker, Aiyuk, Claypool, Mooney, Gabriel Davis, Engram, Coutee
  10. EDIT: I'm trying to get him to add Diggs to it, but he then wanted me to add AJ Brown & Claypool to get Diggs. Too much of an overpay IMO. Am I wrong? I'll add Claypool + something else to get Diggs, but AJB > Diggs IMO
  11. This is dynasty PPR. I send my 2021 1st & 2021 2nd (Both likely mid to late) for Miles Sanders... Good deal for me?
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