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  1. Haha I saw that, appreciate it...yeah I think I'm gonna go with the safe bet in Singletary though. But I like that deal for you...still in a good spot with that record depending on the amount of teams in the league and how many make the playoffs, but the moral of it is, you lose the deal for this week but win for the rest of the season.
  2. What's your record? If you're sitting pretty in the playoff race I would take that, as you have the WR depth to take that risk. You're massively improving your TE slot and having Diggs and Golladay is still amazing. If you need the win this week it might not be smart to make that deal, and I don't think Evans does that great the rest of the year, he'll have some boom or bust weeks for sure, but overall I'd say go for it. The CMC side wins this one.
  3. Which RB should I go with this week? Devin Singletary, Zack Moss, or La'Mical Perine?
  4. I think you take the deal...Ekeler is going to be huge for the end of the regular season and playoffs, and even without him you win that trade. Ingram is not reliable at all this year and while I do like Gibson, that team drags his value down a little bit.
  5. True...I'm down to choosing between them, but Williams' involvement in the passing game is what is swaying me towards him. Gallup is so boom or bust but he did look good with Dalton on that last drive.
  6. I would definitely roll the dice with Kirk Cousins. The Chicago defense isn't gonna let Bridgewater do much and you can't trust G after that horrific performance last week, not to mention the Rams defense is playing very well of late. Any rookie QB against Belichick is a gamble I wouldn't take and Flacco has nothing there to help him.
  7. This is tough, at first glance you want to say Akers because he has two other backs there...but Sean McVay said he's going to be getting more opportunities and if he seizes them he will be the #1 back there. Jackson is only valuable for 2-4 more games until Ekeler gets back, since his original timetable to return was 4-6 weeks. I would drop Jackson probably thinking about the rest of the season, but Akers would be the choice for the immediate time being.
  8. 14 team 0.2 PPR...I'm in a bind with Diontae Johnson and Austin Ekeler injured, and Josh Jacobs on BYE, who should I start of the 4 below? Jamaal Williams against the Buccaneers Michael Gallup against the Cardinals Mike Gesicki against the Jets La'Mical Perine against the Dolphins
  9. Drake in the first trade, there are too many mouths to feed in TB when they are all healthy, and even so right now Fournette is battling his own injuries. Drake has been poor but I'm not giving up on him just yet. Then Kelce is the better side in the second deal for sure.
  10. Very tempting, but I would stick it out with Kamara honestly.
  11. I would stay put with Josh Jacobs and Kyler Murray honestly. Henry does even less than Jacobs catching the ball out of the backfield and a mobile QB like Murray is money in fantasy these days. I do think Moore is a good buy-low candidate, but I would keep Jacobs and Murray.
  12. Henry and Gurley are the only starting backs he has, but Gurley's injury history is worrisome.
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