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  1. LeSean McCoy just got cut. Absolute must-own in every league now.
  2. Massive news for both McCoy and probably Duke Johnson owners.
  3. I can tell you're a huge Patriots fan by the way you can't even spell the Super Bowl MVP's name correctly lol.
  4. I'm not. I will literally show you evidence of crybaby fans choosing to be triggered rather than enjoying a SB win. I mean I already gave you one example above of a guy just on this thread alone not to mention the other threads on here along with Twitter.
  5. True fans know how to spell Edelman's name correctly. I also don't think "TRUE fans" get so triggered they feel the need to call others "females" on the internet.
  6. Yeah, I can find thousands of posts by Patriots fans acting really mad right after their SB win because they were too busy going online and getting triggered. I made a post about Patriots fans being sensitive and of course, you came running lol. Well, you and the other guy above who would probably fly coast to coast to punch somebody in the face if he said a single negative word about Tom Brady since that's what "TRUE fans" do. That or he will just call you a female on the internet.
  7. Again, this just proves my point about how sensitive Patriots fans are. They are too busy going online and getting triggered by posts from random internet people than to sit back and enjoy unprecedented NFL success over 18 years. Why should you care what a bunch of internet people are saying about your team/players? People have bashed my team and favorite players and I don't crap myself and rage on my keyboard about it. And don't worry, it's not just Patriots fans, I understand there's other fanbases out there about just as bad (Cowboys).
  8. The best thing about Patriots fans is they are too busy going online and getting triggered by everything negative they see regarding their team than they are to sit back and enjoy their team's success. Don't believe me? Look on social media and this quoted post as evidence. *Insert "haters" and "you're just salty" rebuttal*
  9. You know the worst thing about the Ohtani/Yahoo problem is? Brandan McKay will eventually be up causing more headaches for people and I'm sure other players will follow in Ohtani's foot steps. If only we could combine Fantrax's customizability with Yahoo's app.
  10. .257/.374/.523 slash line with 111 runs, 36 homers and 81 RBI in 2018. What do we think he has in him for 2019 at age 33? In 2014-2017 he had 24 homers per season before breaking out last year into more of a masher.
  11. Not quite the Fausto Carmona to Roberto Hernandez change but I'll take it.
  12. Probable for 2 years with a "shoulder" injury. Good times, good times.
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