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  1. Looking to start up a dynasty league for UK and EU baseball fans Fantrax 12 team H2H categories scoring Discord for communications https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=ei19fiuqkle81zsr&isSubmit=y
  2. If you havent filled this I'd be interested squint692003@yahoo.com
  3. I like the idea of this if there are still spots sign me up squint692003@yahoo.com
  4. If its still open and free i'd take a team squint692003@yahoo.com
  5. If black holes are still available I'd take them squint692003@yahoo.com
  6. I'd be interested in taking this team over squint692003@yahoo.com
  7. If this is a free league I'd be game to take them on.
  8. hey superman100679, Im interested in taking over the team I've been playing fantasy baseball for 10+yrs and dynasty for 5+yrs Looking for a rebuild team and these guys fit the bill squint692003@yahoo.com
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