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  1. What QB should I go with ? dalton, Tyrod, Carr, or jimmy G
  2. I switched off them an hour before the game. Went with saints, so counting my blessings twice
  3. Agreed, but it scares me that it's too obvious, and the line is trending down too. still taking them, but might regretting not taking the Steelers last night.
  4. Got next 3 weeks lined up week 10: lions over brows week 11: chiefs @ Giants ( Reids record is great after a bye) week 12: steelers over packers
  5. And sometimes towards the end, some pools will make you pick 2 games a week to really thin out the numbers.
  6. Yeah that sucks. Might have to switch picks now... think maybe the rams.
  7. Think Jacksonville is the pick. The line has trended up all week. Off a bye. Cincy o-line suspect. Saints is another I would think, but That team always has a let down game every year and it's a divisional opponent. Don't feel good about that one.
  8. I took already eagles, so I can't touch that one, but wouldn't be surprised if eagles lose one looking ahead to their bye. saints were a thought, but I still don't 100% trust them. Also, like you said divisional game, so anything can happen. And intresting one is jacksonville, I know the spread is like 4.5/5 but cincy isn't a great team. And jags off a bye with fournette healthy. I think they win.
  9. See that's one I wouldn't do, just because at worst Ingram = Miller, so what's the upside.
  10. Overall would you guys consider Ingram a buy, sell or hold. and if selling what kind of value would you try and get? And what players would you target.
  11. @queso Yeah that's what I'm trying to do, but guys in my league are stingy. I can't figure out what value Ingram has. what WR would you go after ?
  12. Currently tied for 1st. Looking to see if there is any moves I should try and make to sure up the team to make the playoffs. Please give me some insight. 1/2 PPR. QB, 2 WR, 2RB, Flex, TE QB: Carr, dalton WR: cooper, green, Jeffery, Watkins RB: gurley, Ingram, mccaffery, McFadden, collins TE: ertz, kroft dst: Cardinals, bears
  13. Yep I guess Houston. I'm surprised the spread is so large.
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