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  1. https://twitter.com/nbcsnorthwest/status/1349935822183817216?s=21 Have to just hope for the best. These hand injuries can go either way in terms of severity.
  2. Agreed. If it's not Mcgee it will be someone similar. I ran to the wire on the odd chance he somehow maintains 28 MPG for the rest of the season but I find that unlikely. He is incredibly washed and it was a shame he even started the season ahead of Allen. Whoever they bring in at C will eat up some minutes and keep in mind that Green had to start today because they are low on players after the trade. Dude is only on the team because he's friends with KD and Kyrie.
  3. As bad as Whiteside was it was clearly better than this fatso. Unlike most I didn't draft him based on anything he did on the bubble, I just expected him to return to his pre-injury top 40 numbers.
  4. He has been in foul trouble every game this year. He would have at least 3 more minutes played in this game had he not picked up that 2nd foul.
  5. Toronto native here and I watch almost every raptor game. Everything you said is true.
  6. He's been in foul trouble every single game this year so I'll wait for some normalized games before I judge his production. With that said, this has been a very poor start to his contract year. It does not look like the Hawks need him whatsoever.
  7. As a Raptor fan who has watched Boucher over the years I don’t see him ever being a starter or playing 25-28 minutes per night. The fact that he’s 27 is insane given how raw his game is. Fans have all been waiting for him to grow into his body and put on weight as if he’s 21. He’s always seemed like he’s 2 years away from being 2 years away. He won’t soak up every single minute that baines does not play. The Raptors have a lot of options in Alex Len, OG/Pascal as the PF/C. I also expect Bembry/OG to soak up those PF minutes when Pascal rests.
  8. He has definitely shown signs that he can still be Utah Hayward, just don't discount his extensive injury history in recent years. That big foot injury he sustained is arguably worse than an ACL tear.
  9. Sleepers are players who are going for a discount. Drafting an unproven player in the 4th round who has a “5th round floor” is by no means a sleeper. You’re reaching for the shiny new toy, let’s not confuse it with an actual sleeper. You win leagues by creating value in your draft. There’s no value created drafting a guy like Wood so early. Personally I like Wood but If you remove the emotion and look at this situation objectively you would be able to see this guy can very well finish anywhere within the Top 100. Myself, @gilepile & @turner46 have given clear examples of the ques
  10. I love Drummond at his current ADP but by no means is there no risk. He’s on a bad team with zero hope of competing. Any slight soreness and he’s out, he could be traded at any moment and they may play Mcgee more than we think. They could play Nance over him during stretches. I think its understated how bad of a defender Drummond has been in recent years and they can go away from him at any moment. Cleveland has been a fantasy wasteland since Lebron left and thats the biggest risk here.
  11. For those playing auction what has his price looked like in your drafts/mocks? My default Yahoo Pre-draft rankings still have him at $4.. Obviously I would expect people to bid higher but if he's left until late in the auction a lot of money will be used up.
  12. Draft him with the expectations that his role is the exact same as last year and anything else is a bonus. Don't reach thinking Thibs will play this guy big minutes when Mitch has fouling issues. It's one thing if the coach won't give you minutes but even if the coach wanted to play him 30 MPG his foul problems would not allow it. Nerlens could be a HUGE roadblock to his production given they are very similar players and Nerlens is probably the smarter of the two defensively. The Knicks don't seem committed to developing Robinson and i'm sure Thibs won't care who gets the minutes as he wi
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