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  1. No he was legitimately one of the best in the league at getting separation. Something like an average of 4.4 yards of separation per target I believe off the top of my head.
  2. This guy will end up on a lot of my teams this year. One of the best in the league at getting separation last year statistically as a rookie due to his blend of route running and athleticism. Love seeing Deebo and Hurd take the headlines for his stock... The fact that Pettis didn’t play much is a big positive for me.
  3. Literally made that trade last week... Still no regrets...yet
  4. This is less of an "Amari Cooper is a bad receiver" and more of a "Derek Carr/Jon Gruden/Oakland Raiders are awful". Cooper can play. Derek Carr doesn't throw the ball down the field.
  5. I just went and watched the 1st quarter coaches film on GP. I counted 2 instances where Carr could have easily got him the ball 10+ yards down the field. He also had a 16 yard completion taken away by a holding penalty. Let's put it this way...it's not like Amari isn't getting open.
  6. I don't understand how he can be this bad. He can obviously play in this league - he did it his first two seasons in the league so it's not like defences are all of a sudden making adjustments to him. How does he draw only 3 targets being the #1 receiver?
  7. I think you need to read up on Guillian Barre Syndrome...
  8. 14 team league, 0.5 ppr league. I can keep either Stefan Diggs or Derrick Henry at the expense of the 58th pick. Who have you got?
  9. Hasn't Ajayi gained like 70-80% of his yards after contact? He is 2016 Todd Gurley.
  10. Rodgers - out Bulaga - Concussion protocol Bahktiari - Aggravated hamstring injury Lane Taylor - Knee/ankle injury Come on down Saints D/ST.
  11. Not a slot receiver really. He is 6'1, 210+ pounds.
  12. Going to be handling the rock and his usage should be even higher. Never want to see a guy get injured, especially like that but this helps Kyrie's numbers.
  13. Makes a big 22 yard run early in the 1st quarter and only sees one more touch.
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