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  1. He’s going to have so many biopics over the next millennia.
  2. Imagine how spicy the Manning vs Brady thread would be after that lol
  3. I always wanted Arians and Palmer to win a SB, but this will do. I just can’t hate Brady anymore.
  4. I mean they went from Winston to Brady, I can’t envision a larger swing at a position lol
  5. Just gotta play basic strategy, forget the rest.
  6. I’ve got Kelce or D Will to score KCs first TD. Looking like a push. Hopefully Brady throws a TD in the fourth because that’s the only bet I have still alive.
  7. I know, I don’t look forward to not understanding who is playing at half time.
  8. I literally can’t remember a time when Brady wasn’t winning Super Bowls. Insane.
  9. I just need a Kelce TD on this drive to be even. Cmon now
  10. I’m fairly deep into an all you can drink package, but I still liked it lol
  11. Who would have guessed that the prop for who scores first KC TD might not even get action lol
  12. Gronk got the really good peptides before the game.
  13. Back in your day women had to wear petticoats, I’ll take the progress.
  14. Complaining about half time music is like half the purpose of these threads. Nobody is ever happy, even when it’s Jlo and Shakira shaking booties.
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