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  1. He can be a good QB and BB can be a good coach, they aren’t mutually exclusive lol
  2. You shouldn’t have started him, but he was such that you could never bench him because then you might be leaving 60 points on the bench.
  3. That and he is fun to watch. The way he lays that old man body on the line for the first down in some of his runs, the people’s champ.
  4. Is there similar data from final drives only? I think when it is score and win, the game plan and calls change immensely than playing the field position game in the first quarter.
  5. I don’t think anyone is really arguing with you @ThreadKiller, but your passion (which is bizarrely high) is making you perceive everything under your bias. Which is kind of ironic, given your overall point.
  6. Fitz is basically the people’s champ at this point in his career. Low key I’m excited to see him play in WFT. As a dolphins fan, I don’t know how you can’t be excited about this trade. It’s a crazy deal for dropping nine spots and you have more than enough ammo to trade up in subsequent drafts if Tua isn’t the answer.
  7. If it comes out that these massages were consensual or agreed upon, can those findings in civil court then be used to prove his guilt for solicitation in criminal court?
  8. He’s going to have so many biopics over the next millennia.
  9. Imagine how spicy the Manning vs Brady thread would be after that lol
  10. I always wanted Arians and Palmer to win a SB, but this will do. I just can’t hate Brady anymore.
  11. I mean they went from Winston to Brady, I can’t envision a larger swing at a position lol
  12. Just gotta play basic strategy, forget the rest.
  13. I’ve got Kelce or D Will to score KCs first TD. Looking like a push. Hopefully Brady throws a TD in the fourth because that’s the only bet I have still alive.
  14. I know, I don’t look forward to not understanding who is playing at half time.
  15. I literally can’t remember a time when Brady wasn’t winning Super Bowls. Insane.
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