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  1. Keep telling yourself that, you wish he was on the Pats.
  2. Lynn was a horrendous head coach but he loves using the RB so this could be good for Swift, Stafford leaving is not good for this offense though. Kenny Golladay also likely gone too, they might have to rely on the run game.
  3. Just curious, does the XFL have this same rule in place or did they tweak it?
  4. I don't mind it, forces teams to really protect the football going into the endzone and makes things interesting. Cleveland took a huge risk there diving for the TD and it obviously blew up in their face, but that's the rules. However, if that happened to my team, I'd be so devastated. I do feel sorry for Browns fans there.
  5. Yeah but Tua looks likes he's throwing the shot put when compared to Allen's arm.
  6. I was thinking it will cost him, I'm sure he's also making a lot of promotional $$ on TikTok and that seems to be where his head is right now. Can't wait to see who pays this guy:
  7. I feel somewhat vindicated for drafting this guy as early as I did, he's definitely a good RB but got absolutely no carries early in the year and was banged up too I believe. Not sure how I feel drafting him in the top three rounds next year as long as Darrell Henderson is there.
  8. Let's cut everyone's TD totals in half and see how their stat lines look, questionable logic here.
  9. Why wouldn't they re-sign Gus? I assume he will be pretty cheap for them to retain and he's actually pretty decent, which pains me as a JK owner.
  10. This guy actually looks really good, such a shame he’s on the Lions.
  11. Lol I picked the over on Swift’s rushing yards at 44.5 and he got 45.
  12. How deep is your league if you're considering starting Conner this week? I don't care who the other options are, they are better than Conner.
  13. Everyone has been successful running against Houston, the worst week was James Robinson in week 5 with 10 PPR points but he also fumbled that game. Going to be very tempted to play Bernard here especially after his performance last week.
  14. Anyone feeling confident playing Henderson this week now that Akers is down? He has barely handled the ball in weeks so it's anyone's guess what is going to happen this week. He looked good at the start of the year but do we want to start him in championship week?
  15. How dumb can you be? He was already in the dog house earlier this year and now he does this? Good luck with your career man.
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