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  1. Interesting ... This format I really think is cool and damn would I ever be in if this was a one year thing. Not a big fan of keeper money leagues. Bad experiences with trades. Building for the future vs trading away assets etc. but damn 12 teams making the H2H playoffs interests me... thinking maybe these crazy trades I dislike kinda nonexistent. I checked out my old laptop. We were on proboards fifty sixty guys from the old ESPN boards. We had some unique leagues. We call this roto to H2H. The Classic. It was a three (10 team) (20 owners) leagues consisting of AL & NL rotis
  2. Interesting format. Have you ever tried this type of format before? Fantrax allows this? I seen and read the disclaimer small chance? That is why I asked . We had a similar thing going a while back. 7/8 years platform ESPN two separate leagues going on the same time. rotisserie & H2H 10 teams. We eventually had a champion took the top teams from each league combined.. I think I have all the info
  3. Draft draft & time set in stone? Especially the time. That is 830 pacific correct?
  4. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/30924464/sources-philadelphia-phillies-jt-realmuto-broken-thumb
  5. Not to single anybody out ...but to everyone that wants a universal DH is it because of a fake game we play.
  6. Oh yes please and convince DK to join you in New England.
  7. https://rsnstats.com/42-years-and-counting/ https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/what-if-the-national-league-had-a-dh/
  8. I have no idea where you found those numbers ... I found a two graph 75-2016 the AL has outscored the NL every year. I tried to post but it comes up as too big.
  9. Correct, in theory it is called the 2021 universal DH debate thread but damn I let’s say one person likes Trump & peanut butter and the other likes Biden & jelly. We ain’t going to agree. We both know pitchers ain’t going to work one hitting & only old fat guys play DH, but come on a guy who plays DH has defensive relapses. Didn’t you mention In another post a bunch of guys who are defensive liabilities? I am going to assume going back let’s say 5 years (not counting 2020) the scores been different between the two leagues. A lot different. You say differen
  10. OK we get you want an universal DH others don’t .... you must know no way no chance you or anybody else is going to change the opinions of others who dislike the DH. When a pitcher goes up to bat and tries to hit the ball that is baseball in my eyes. I rather watch a National league game on TV over any American League game and this is coming from a New York Yankees fan.
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