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  1. Glad I don’t own any shares of Patrick Corbin
  2. Pine tar Pineda sure looked good today.
  3. K rate is down? 11 Ks in 32 PA Not at all. Yes power bat ... that is why I need to have some patience plus it looks like his position is safe at the moment. We all been in predicaments where we draft a guy that in itself tells us we have faith in him but holding & waiting for him to hit you do know we can lose out on the next waiver gem. On my bench until the Rockies are back at Coors...
  4. Another player who’s ADP was rising he looked awesome in spring training (add in he plays in Colorado) but once the real season started the real CJ Cron showed who he really was... Now I must make a decision is it time to move on or hold.
  5. I seen some posts where they blame the players (Pedroia) who was injured thinking that the team should void that contract ...
  6. Are you just blaming Albert? I blame the executives they are to blame not Albert. Just remember there has been rumors about his age since 1999 and the Angels give him a 10 year contract in 2011.
  7. Shoulder dislocation are recurring Fernando go get the surgery now. There is always next year.
  8. After my debacle yesterday with German & Singer ... why not stream Jose Quintana going up against the Astros
  9. Oh boy ... His spring training stats sure didn’t carry over
  10. IMO This will be my first crazy start ... Brady Singer KC bring it home.
  11. Finally fans in the stands
  12. I don’t think so ... I think I heard espn announcers mention next year will go back to normal
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