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  1. Thanks, it was tough to give up Kelley bc dudes got potential to be a solid and cheap keeper, but I’m in win now mode. Hoping godwin blows up soon
  2. .5 ppr keeper league. traded - josh Kelley - $6 to keep Jonnu Smith - $5 to keep recieved - Godwin
  3. Just bc you don’t like a trade doesn’t make it vetoable.
  4. Yeah im definitely not in a good spot for rb. I’m rolling a lot of dice. Rbs are : mostert, singletary, Fournette, James Robinson and latavius
  5. Traded : jonathan Taylor and Austin ekeler Recieved : chris Godwin, Julio, Fournette, and latavius Murray my rbs are nonexistent but I also have Hopkins and golladay. So I feel like i can upgrade my rb2 pretty easily
  6. With your burrow analysis, would you play Tyler Boyd, or go with ruggs?
  7. Have my first draft in a few hours. Sitting at pick 8 of 10. Who am I seeing in the first few rounds?
  8. Reading this thread, it’s amazing how many people made it to the semifinals with kamara. Interested to see what teams look like after having their first round pick be so underwhelming most of the year.
  9. I’m down 6. He has jack Doyle, I have kamara and pascal. I like my chances on paper, but all it takes is a couple tds from Doyle and another dud from kamara. Plus it sounds like Hilton is returning, so pascals role may be diminished. The way this year has gone I don’t feel good about my chances.
  10. That’s scary man. It’s gonna be close. I’m stressed tonight too. I’m down 6 with kamara and pascal playing. He has Doyle. We both need to pray for a couple kamara receiving tds. I think you’re probably safe thanks to that ten point cushion but both cook and Thomas are capable of putting up some points
  11. Adams, brown, Julio. mahomes gould thanks for the help on mine.
  12. Full PPR: No more Evans for me. I have Westbrook and pascal rostered as my only viable backups. I can pick up any of the other bucs wr but I’m not sure they’re really any better with a beat up jameis. So Westbrook or pascal this week? also Have to decide on my defense: Seattle v Carolina, Min v LAC, or GB v Washington. Will help in return.
  13. This is a wild story. Kid sounds like a real piece of work. Free or not I hate when people don’t set lineups or throw games, all on him.
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