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  1. I just saw this Pack. Was way distracted today. Hope you filled this out and are busy compiling rosters as we speak!!
  2. From RW today: "The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Michael Cohen spotted Randall Cobb wearing a walking boot on his right foot." Not a problem?
  3. I'm anxious to ride a QB trash heap of Winston and Taylor to a league championship. A brief suspension is perfect.
  4. Back to predicting real busts. Tell me it doesn't seem like the whole NE cabal has a different feel to it this off-season? Brady going Oprah, Gronk seeming disinterested for real, Solder and Lewis hitting the road, etc. I know everyone cries heresey when a big dip from Brady and/or Gronk is suggested, but that's exactly what I am here to do. 2018 is the year these two guys let us down. And now on to my next nominee. Spoiler alert, @Impreza178, please immediately switch to another thread. If things get real messy in Orchard Park, would it surprise any of
  5. Not that we didn't already know that McVay and Shanahan are good what they do, but it's informative pieces like these that confirm who we can trust, which is a big thing for fantasy.
  6. They were without lots of guys on D (e.g., LB Malcolm Smith, DB Jimmy Ward, DL Arik Armstead, LB Reuben Foster, S Jacquiski Tartt, etc.) for stretches last year. Solomon Thomas missed most of the off-season and started super slow too. Getting everyone back, having Cassius Marsh for a full season, signing FA Richard Sherman and Edge Jeremiah Attaochu (from LAC), and adding S/CB Tarvarius Moore and LB Fred Warner in the draft, all bode very well for the group. Honestly, the biggest unkown is sophomore DC Richard Saleh. Hard to tell from his rookie campaign if he's any good. It is n
  7. A great read for anyone evaluating 49ers assets: https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/06/18/sean-mcvay-rams-kyle-shanahan-49ers-coaching-rivalry
  8. Fair enough. The braintrust in San Francisco isn't infallible. They wouldn't be the first to waste big money on an imprudent FA signing. However, keep in mind that Shanahan's system seems capable of turning almost anyone who is at least a partial scheme fit into a productive RB. Hyde was barely a scheme fit, and he produced well for the most part. Maybe you can argue he is a way better player than McKinnon, but there is no denying that he was miscast. By contrast, it is undeniable McKinnon is a supreme scheme fit (that's why they overpaid to sign him). So for lots of folks, p
  9. Man, you couldn't be more wrong about that. Peter King published a piece about Shanahan pounding the table for Williams on draft day, which was accurate. But when Williams arrived for the off-season program, he immediately put himself in Shanahan's and Lynch's dog houses. It was then crickets on Williams from both Shanahan and Lynch all off-season, followed finally by Williams being hidden on IR all season so he could contemplate his bubble status and, hopefully, get his mind right. Hot takes are bad enough. But I don't know what to call them when it is easy to see
  10. I believe solid research confirms that even the so-called fantasy experts miss on 50% of their projections/predictions. I bet none of us here beats the "50% rule," if we're totally honest. So as much as we'd like to pretend that our valuations will prove relatively reliable, the truth is a whole bunch of players that we feel strongly will succeed in 2018 will actually bust. On the flip side, a bunch of players we're convinced will fail will actually succceed. A thread like this is a helpful reality check while we grind out posts singing the praises of our favorite pla
  11. I'm not convinced of Dak either. But he has already proven he can execute the basic play action pass game well enough. As long as defenses have to sell out so much to stop that potent run game, Dak can connect with Hurns regularly. Any QB and WR can experience success when the run game is elite, at least when they aren't playing from way behind because the defense has bled points. That is a constant in the NFL. That's why I just can't shake Hurns as a legitimate fantasy asset:
  12. Hurns is so JAG, but how can we ignore him in the circumstance he finds himself in. Play action alone guarantees that he gets some good looks every week. By default, he's a major RZ cog too. Thompson and Gallup will make some noise, but it is Hurns who is best positioned to claim the title of WR1 on that team. I can't believe I just said that.
  13. Has Williams generated any buzz during OTAs? If not, who in the WR room has?
  14. I don't follow the team, but I've heard that Musgrave and his assistants have worked hard to create an entirely new offense that will be much more up-tempo. With that defense, Keenum may have the chance to run a lot of plays. Also, the guys who stay on the field will be those who can be trusted to think fast and do the right thing. DT and Sanders definitely fit that mold. Between Booker and Freeman, I bet the more experienced (and better receiver) Booker has a big leg up in a no-huddle, fast paced format. In PS, I will be looking for confirmation that Denver's offe
  15. Lee is no slouch either. I have no idea why they signed Moncrief.
  16. Was just scrambling at bit at that point, so I became more conservative than I normally am. Happens sometimes when you make some unforced errors and find yourself replotting course. Next time, I will prepare a whiffle ball (or two) for those folks (who shall go nameless) whose tendencies can be anticipated to some degree!!
  17. Your "antagonizing" was all good. I had a hard stop on McKinnon's price at that point, but that's on me. If I had executed better earlier, it might have gone differently. I'll also admit that I did not process properly the fact that this was a 10 team draft. I have only participated in 12 teamers previously (if you can believe it). Needed to recalibrate my instincts to account for the larger end pool. Tough to do when you're just waking up on the new draft season. This hobby never gets old.
  18. Yep. I actually picked up (quite late) where you were going with this one, but then you surprised me still by competing for McKinnon like you did (when you were already very top heavy at RB). I had made so many mistakes by that point that it didn't matter, but with something like 60%+ of your budget invested in 2 RBs, I assumed you weren't poised to torpedoe my plans. I also didn't go into this one planning to be in need of a bunch of "mid-range WRs" (to use your words), but my early missteps landed me there, where I spent a good deal of time zigging and zagging around the same targets as y
  19. A nice way to spend a late Sunday afternoon (west coast time), but boy, what rust to knock off. The first draft after the long off-season can be an adventure. Also, the RTsports draft room is rather clunky and takes some getting used to. Glad my wife and kid were out visiting a friend so they weren't within earshot when I loudly vocalized my screw-ups, which were several (like rostering a K when I thought I was buying a D/ST, and failing to excute late bids on some my targets that ended up going too cheap). But the one part that I both enjoyed and lamented the most was gett
  20. In as well. I can donate with the best of 'em.
  21. Cole, Westbrook and Lee competing with Moncrief for targets, a run-first offense, and Bortles as your trigger man. What is Moncrief's ceiling under those circumstances? We know his floor is potentially quite low. Not seeing it.
  22. Right now, Breida is the clear #2 behind McKinnon. And make no mistake, Breida is only a back up (albeit, a good one). Breida's competition will come from Williams, McNichols and UDFA Jeff Wilson. Williams has already dug himself a hole with Lynch and Shanahan. The same off-field concerns that convinced Lynch to remove Williams from his draft board have soured the FO and CS on Williams post-draft. McNichols has been on the PS since he was acquired. No one has heard anything about him to date. Admittedly, it is a long shot, but the guy I'd watch closely t
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