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  1. He hit his first 2 AAA HRs in his only 2 ABs last night but they won’t officially count due to a rain out.
  2. I'd take Bo Gore and Anderson, Bo and Correa would be pretty close and I'd take Gore/Anderson over Marquez/Vogelbach
  3. 3-4 2HRs tonight, if the Angels want to make the playoffs they have to bring him up I would think
  4. Anyone still have any optimism with Margot? Long term can he put something together and have some value. Seems like it’s time to move on if you haven’t already.
  5. I'd take Bauer over Sale. Could also see the Sox limiting Sales innings to stay fresh for Sept/Oct
  6. If thats the best offer than go for it, its a good return since you said you could use pitching
  7. Which SP would you rather have at the back end of your rotation ROS? Kikuchi hasn't been bad but hasn't shown any signs to me of being a SP2-3 or maybe even SP4 in 12 team leagues. Can we trust Caleb Smiths success so far this season?
  8. For now he does but what if he struggles for a few weeks and Brendan Rodgers takes his job, he's not the only option
  9. With Moose back in Milwaukee I'm assuming Shaw is back at second this season. A midseason call up now seems less likely given he won't have an everyday spot to fill. My guess would be a September call up this year then ideally the second base job is his spring 2020
  10. Stick with Wander, neither of the other two have nearly the ceiling and aren't guaranteed any PT at this point
  11. I'm surprised that some sites aren't showing him much love like MLB.com doesn't even have him in their top 100. I really like his potential and also seems pretty safe to make the majors and produce. Should progress well and possibly get the call next season.
  12. Alonso and Gorman, I'd target Cease if available with your pick thats 5 away
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