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  1. Cook for me, even though the threat of a hold out exists he really doesn't any leverage against Minnesota.
  2. Not only will we have to change the name Sooners we will also have to change the name Oklahoma since it is based on Native American (Choctaw) words "okla humma" which translates as red people.
  3. If I'm giving away the best player in a trade the deal would have to blow me away. This one doesn't do that.
  4. How many IDP players do you start each week?
  5. Touchdowns are flukey from year to year, so I really wouldn't put any stock TD numbers from last year. I'd lean toward Golliday. I'm always leary of players that change teams, throw in the fact that training camps will be different this year so Hopkins might take longer to get in sync.
  6. Yes, it's a ten teamer and none of the UDFA's you have listed are not league winners now or down the road. I prefer to play the match ups when it comes to D/ST. Since he is sitting at the end of your bench and it's only May, I think I'd hold on to him until opening week. Just in case he lands on a team.
  7. Go with Mahomes, I think that this year with all the craziness going on with sports, the sure bets will be far more valuable than anyone with a question mark.
  8. In a dynasty league I think Duvernay will be the guy that everyone will kick themselves for not ranking higher.
  9. After the top 3-4 running backs are off the board, I can't think of anyone else better to take.
  10. You can ask, but I'm not sure what would motivate the other owner to make the trade. It might be nice to have two picks in the first round, but it would mean watching the next 40-50 players come off the board before their third pick.
  11. If I had to toss out an opinion, I would say that there is a rift between Rodgers and the Packers that is much larger than anyone is aware of. I think we can all agree that if Green Bay wanted Love, they could have gotten him much later. Grabbing him in the first round, and trading up to boot, was just a big screw you to Rodgers. Aaron is with the Packers for this year for sure, but the 2022 opt out will most likely be used, leaving Green Bay with a 17 million dollar cap hit. Drafting Love as the heir apparent isn't a bad idea because wherever he landed, he would have to sit and learn. A
  12. I'd go with Cooks, hoping that he has a good/great year with Watson, so a solid trade could be made at the deadline.
  13. I feel that the best place to draft AB, is after you have WR1 and WR2. The risk/reward with him makes him a luxury piece, not a cornerstone.
  14. My knee jerk reaction is wondering how you got picks 2,3, and 7 in a start up? The only thing I'd say is hold on to them and go with a win now philosophy and not worry about the "years to come" since dynasty leagues sometimes fall apart in a few years.
  15. For everyone talking about Medicare, I would just like to say that my wife is on Medicare so I can speak from experience that any government run health care sucks. (Let's not forget that the VA is government run health care as well) Many doctors don't accept her insurance so finding somewhere she can go can be a headache. Many of the medications we have to pay out of pocket because it's not covered. For over eight years I've had to watch her health suffer because she can't get into the doctors that might help her. So I have no faith in government run health care.
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