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  1. Ppr offered A Jones for Chubb chubb I can keep 2021 for a 4th, 2022 is a 1st jones I can keep 2021 for a 4th, 2022 for a 2nd thoughts??? I know Jones is a free agent this year too..
  2. Ppr chubb or A Jones? Can keep either for a 4th. i own Chubb but have a straight up offer for Jones out there, not sure who is a better 2021 rb
  3. I don’t know why people think Fuller’s Value takes a dip... I can see Arod hooking up with him for some massive games opposite Adams. I mean, why can’t he duplicate what he has done in Houston? He’s not exactly a target monster now. 47 targets in 6 games played throwing out his zero game. That’s just under 8 per game. Give him 5-8 with Rodgers and I don’t see the drop
  4. Ppr give Zeke get Sanders i know sander won’t be back till week 10.. thoughts ?
  5. Ppr mckinnon vs NE or dillon Vs Houston
  6. I would go Cooks. Fuller is going to be blanketed by Jaire
  7. Ppr give Zeke, Fant, Mckinnon get CEH, Kelce, Tampa D thoughts? I’m currently streaming D’s and TE has been a black hole. Is Kelce worth it?
  8. Ppr give Zeke and Godwin get Taylor, AJ Brown, Claypool
  9. Ppr give godwin and McKinnon get Aj Brown
  10. Name one good thing Engram has done so far other than rush for a TD. Don’t hang your hat on rushing TDs and 20-30 yard games from your TE. Starting him will be a mistake
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