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  1. Not practicing all week and then going against a stout Chicago defense does not bode well for a lot of points.
  2. Oh he's definitely bad but he does seem to feed Terry
  3. I would only play him in a PPR league and even then it's iffy. Haskins hasn't played for weeks. He's going to be rusty.
  4. Ravens are going hard like mf'ers to get into the playoffs. I don't think they are fine to play cute anymore when it comes to their RBs. Dobbins and Edwards from here on out.
  5. Praise be to Robinson to scrape out some decent points even when the rest of his team played terribly
  6. Imagine not having this guy on your team lol
  7. Brady is a pleasant surprise this year. No one really should have expected a top 5 season at this age and going to a new team. He is definitely performing above his ADP. Better than Lamar that's for sure.
  8. Honestly such a baffling contract. He's not a game changer in anyway. Hill is a gadget player at best.
  9. I'm really hoping Brady is still angry about those SB losses and puts a whooping on NYG.
  10. Good what a dumb play. It seemed whenever they got into the redzone they went away from the run.
  11. I'm sure Brady gave Evans a kiss on the lips after the game
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