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  1. https://www.thebirdwrites.com/platform/amp/2020/11/21/21588114/zion-williamson-physical-shape-healthy-instagram-picture-new-orleans-pelicans Looking noticeably slimmer 🤔
  2. 3rd to 4th round in 8cat, for me. I know he put up top 15 value early in the season when Zion was out. With Zion, I think his stats were top 50ish. He finished with early 3rd round value overall in 8cat (2nd round if we take out those horrible bubble games). Now with Jrue gone and Bledsoe in, I think that frees up some shots for him (&Zion). Not to mention, he's only 23 and should be able to continue to progress and improve. For me, he still has a lot of upside.
  3. 2nd round for me, especially in h2h. I'd even take him early 2nd if he lands in a favorable destination, usage wise. Even in the off chance that he stays in Houston, I'd be happy because he put up 1st round numbers (8cat) a few months into the season onwards.
  4. As a rookie, Zion produced just late round stats per game, but when he was able to play without minutes restrictions he was actually putting up good numbers in FG%, Points, Rebs, and at least contributed some assists, steals, with a trickling of blocks. Obviously the season was a letdown because of injuries and not being in top playing condition. Having said that, he still put up some impressive offensive numbers, historically speaking. I think besides the health concerns, stat- wise, his value will depend on if his steals and blocks numbers start to appear.
  5. What round is the earliest you'd draft him in h2h?
  6. What round is the earliest you'd draft him in h2h?
  7. How high are we on Zion this season? In H2h, which round is the earliest you'd consider him?
  8. in an 8 cat keeper league, who would you choose: Brandon Ingram or Bam Adebayo?
  9. Read somewhere, probably here in Rotoworld, that Embiid sat only 1 game last season due to pure load management. He was playing on almost all their b2b's last year. His minutes increased, too. Personally, the injury risk is more of a concern than load management. Still fairly high on him, though. Especially with the offseason weight loss (25 lbs)? Outside the top 5 in 8cat, for me, no one offers a statline and elite upside like Embiid's. It's like KAT's but more explosive. 28 13.5 3.5 with 1.-something threes and 2 blocks on posi
  10. You guys know when the draft guide is available?
  11. I've just finished an 12 team 8cat (daily changes, 6 starters and 1 IL) Embiid was staring at me at round 5, pick 56. so I wen't for it. Also had 2 great bigs with AD and Gobert already.
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