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  1. https://twitter.com/YahooFantasyCC/status/1367843098273931272?s=20 Still not estimated date either 😡🤬 Hopefully early next week I can't see them getting it in today nor do I see them doing any work over the weekend.
  2. Buster Posey had a similar surgery and had it at a similar date but in 2018, let's just say a perennial .300 hitter turned in a awful 2019. Not the same type of hitter and he was older but we shall see.
  3. He hit 9th vs lefties last year so 8th or 9th after the pitcher is possible this year. Growing vs lefties is definitely a possibility thus always leading off but in redraft I'll pass at his ADP that is 99% based on a up and down 60 game season.
  4. 7 teams from the Central made the postseason last year in the 60 game sprint. Those 7 teams went 2-14 and none of them got past the opening round. Bieber was beat like he stole something when he faced a non central team for the first and only time last year. He still will get to face many central teams but will have to face other divisions too. I still might have him as my SP3 but I will likely own zero shares and go with a bat once DeGrom and Cole are off the board.
  5. $500 Tag Team Battle draft board. https://twitter.com/_mattywood_/status/1363719510826524674?s=20 Draft Order so you can put names to picks. https://twitter.com/_mattywood_/status/1363521345829543939?s=20 https://twitter.com/_mattywood_/status/1363521422384009218?s=20
  6. Dennis Smith JR and/or Josh Jackson. Raul Neto 5 game week and it is possible Westbrook sits 1 or both back 2 backs.
  7. Yes. It is more politically correct. CBS podcast will mention FKA (formerly known as) auction but the first time I heard a podcast talk salary cap was this past summer like right after they made the switch before football I was like I had never heard of this format in my 20 or so years of playing and stopped listening to the podcast later to find out that it is just the new term for what we know as a auction.
  8. I'm very high on him and think he has not peaked yet power wise, last year in the shortened season he required a trip to the DL (Il now) for a wrist injury which forced him to bat left handed even vs LHP despite this he was on a 30 HR 15 SB pace and in the playoffs his production would have been a 25-25 pace. Even better after returning from the wrist injury he hit .338 with 5 HR 13 RBI 17 Runs 3 SB in 18 games. The wrist is very important to swinging a bat and hitting a baseball. In the playoffs he hit .277 2 HR 4 RBI 8 Runs 2 SB.
  9. Even in the fka YPro Leagues now called YPrize leagues the chat isn't available in drafts.
  10. Here's the DC with Jeff Zimmerman, he works for fangraphs not rotowire, Jeff Erickson also in this draft is the one who works for rotowire. https://twitter.com/Jeff_Erickson/status/1355954155274158085?s=20 Phill Dussault finished 6th overall in last years DC in at bats and 15th in innings pitched with his above strategy. In his 2nd DC league he finished 5th in at bats and 1st in pitching, the at bats wasn't in contention and his IP was in the low 100's overall. He also says in the podcast that he doesn't know prospects so it is why he goes 20 straight pitchers to finish instead
  11. I listened to a podcast with jeff zimmerman from rotowire and phil dussault hosted by rob dipietro who won the overall with 1 bullet in the weird 60 game season that was drafted. Zimmerman won last years draft and hold with industry drafters at first pitch arizona and I'll share this years draft board when I get to my cpu but he mentioned getting 2 closers and early stud pitching. Phil dussault starts pocket aces or 2 in the first 3 rounds, 2 early closers and 2 more pitchers he likes best per adp then all hitters until round 30 then 20 straight pitchers (last year Plesac and Wainwright he hit
  12. https://twitter.com/Awesemo_Com/status/1355718384588087299?s=20
  13. You need to share the amount of teams and the amount of starting positions in your league. The NFBC shares that but they are 12 and 15 team leagues with 2 C, 1 1B 2B 3B SS CI MI UT, 5 OF and 9 P. If your league uses different starting rosters the numbers would be different. Found this via google but it was for 2018, also seen 2016 and 2013 https://razzball.com/2018draftgoals/ The 2018 and 16 came out in March of that year, the 2013 in February.
  14. Non zero chance he starts in the minors. I seen Vogt hit some incentive last year that guranteed his 2021 contract, if not for that it was more probable then not that Varsho was on the opening day roster as a OF and backup C but with the backup C spot no longer there we shall see. For the sane waiting to do their drafts it will play it self out, for the degenerates like me drafting at NFBC or doing best balls I would be cautious or if you are willing to risk it you could be rewarded with a ton of at bats at the C position.
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