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  1. They have NFL Best Balls happening already... There is 1 day/night to draft another team for baseball also. Option 1 and 2 are fine choices and both can be done Option 3 like a wise @meh2said it is part of the game. A wise Kendrick Lamar was quoted "We gon' be alright"
  2. Don't expect 30+ starts but the starts he gives you should be well worth the price. A beat writer projected all 7 candidates to have at least 10 starts this season.
  3. Did you get the extra player in a trade??? I know in the one football league I play in at CBS you can't add anyone but if you acquire a extra body(ies) in a trade you don't have to trim down until game time. I agree with most that this is stupid but to my knowledge only possible in a trade. And sitting someone which makes no sense in football (or pts league of any sport) or playing the game with 1 too many players would result in a 0.
  4. If it is for the season I would assume so. If it's a weekly limit then no they don't count until opening day for week 1 and reset every Monday (week 1 is 11 days due to the Thursday opening day) so not the first Monday.
  5. Varsho sent down making it almost certain that Rojas should get some early run and hopefully he runs with it!!!
  6. The article was excellent but on my phone I bring to you a few counter arguments. If it is weirdly formatted my apologies. 2017 and 2018 much more pitchers were going deep, home runs were much lower and so was offense in general. 2019 and the juiced ball, teams going to the bullpen much more openers, piggy backing etc... 2020 was unprecedented and also short. Also years ago 2 start pitchers will much easier to grab and use, today the arms that aren't owned aren't owned for a reason and can blow up your ratios, not make it through 5 innings and also could get skipped or sen
  7. I play and enjoy both but as they say know your settings, some players are much more valuable in daily vs weekly. I really like what yahoo pro has done in daily leagues with making all adds done via faab overnight to eliminate first come first serve, right place right time or fastest to their pc/phone/hosting website or app etc...
  8. will add he gets 4 games in 4 days to open the season, only 7 other teams get it also, the rest get 3. Then he goes to Coors for 3 more so I'm often targeting him and Locastro late and seeing how the early lineups shape up with also a OF spot open with Calhoun set to miss the start of the season. Ketel could play 2b, Locastro CF but Rojas could also play a corner OF in this situation.
  9. He went 10th round 10.09 144th overall to NFBC Hall of famer Mark Srebro. In your upcoming drafts don't be afraid to jump his adp if you want him. His ADP this month was 181 and the 144 today was the new low.
  10. Check out this twitter thread. He's hit 7th in every spring training game iirc but it is vital info for trying to peg batting orders. It has every teams lineup from every spring training game and the guy jots down notes/thoughts. https://twitter.com/Mike_Kurland/status/1366167027560439808?s=20 Then click his docs.google.com part
  11. I have their last names, I wrote them down so i may be spelling them wrong. Team 1 Mike the Mouth Team 2 Einhorn Team 3 Semsel Team 4 Fleming Team 5 Pearlmulter Team 6 Palavis Team 7 Duponte Team 8 Mager Team 9 Ringle Team 10 Eshenfelder Team 11 Thelen Team 12 Horton Team 13 Hall of famer Jupinka Team 14 Ryan Team 15 Hanft
  12. Here's the first 6 rounds of this years first Main Event. deGrom 1st overall again, unlike the ultimate and more like what has been happening in 15's Kershaw and Woodruff didn't make the 2-3 turn although Flaherty did. https://twitter.com/TomKessenich/status/1373311994690990082?s=20
  13. Team 11 is putting alot of his eggs in the KC Royals basket. Mondesi at 11, Whit at 20 where he would have likely had a 50ish % chance to have him fall to round 3 at pick 41 but as they say get your guys. Sal Perez in rnd 6, Soler in rnd 9. He took Singer and Minor in rounds 16 and 17 as well. If the Royals have a big improvements like the 60 game White Sox or Padres improvements from 2019 he could be a force but if the Royals struggle so will he as all his SB's are pretty much in those first 2 picks. Team 13 is a NFBC hall of famer and he went 9 straight hitters, 10 of 12 and didn't take
  14. No... https://www.baseball-rookies.com/jimmy-key-3403/ But if you can get some Vlad's, Acuna, Soto, Tatis JR etc... in your portfolio you might be able to retire. If you are a risk taker get some Bobby Witt Jr and Jasson Dominguez and you won't be able to retire yet but it is possible in a year or 2 or 5.
  15. 13 of his last 14 outings were scoreless last year. He had a 15 of 17 scoreless outing spurt in 2019. Maybe he is washed, but maybe thanks to both 2019 him not singing until June and maybe thanks to 2020 being 2020 (21 day summer training cmon man) he wasn't full strength.
  16. There is no logical reason behind this but in his first 8 years as pro Kimbrel was dominant and made 7 all star games. He then signed in June to prevent draft pick compensation and had dominant spurts but also some bad spurts. Covid hits in 2020 and he gets a 21 day summer camp insteadof 40 days plus spring training, he gets lit up early then is unhittable. I'm in on Kimbrel with a regular spring training this year, although I could be wrong and age is the culprit.
  17. If you want SB runs and maybe average by all means draft Victor. If you're expecting power I would pass. I can't find the tweet of his used bats (they were those plastic noodles for swimming pools) but check this home run from today, Giancarlo or Vlad or any adult would have put this on the moon and he barely cleared the LF fence. https://twitter.com/Mike_Kurland/status/1372607408388894723?s=20
  18. Was quite good at home in a pitchers park in San Diego before with a 3.25 ERA at home and a 5.54 ERA on the road. He goes to another pitchers park so I'm definetly interested.Flyball pitcher who gave up the same amount of HR's on the road as he did at home despite pitching 49 more innings at home. At quick glance though it looks like start 1 will be on the road, start 2 at home and then start 3 at coors.
  19. Key word mostly. The smart franchises and the smart managers definitely are but the not so smart ones aren't 100% there yet and the cheap teams want to suppress young pitchers saves due to arbitration like when the Yankees made Betances look mediocre due to him getting no saves. That said, Joely is 29 years old and has no options and is a free agent after this year so upon finding this out I'm gonna dig in more and possibly get on board as for the reasons mentioned above with flipping Kennedy the same apply with Joely. 3 pitches, throws left handed, avg fast ball velocity 95.1, this
  20. Miguel Castro, David Phelps and Archie Bradley were dealt at the deadline in a crazy covid year last year. Shane Greene, Melancon, Sam Dyson, Hunter Strickland, Carl Edwards Jr, Daniel Hudson were the relievers JUST on the trade deadline day in 2019 and I'm sure there were many more before the deadline. The business side on baseball would make me believe a team that is clearly not gonna be contending if possible would try to do anything to flip a non roster invitee. He may not even make the team and I'm not saying stash him all I'm saying is don't be certain is Joely Rodriguez is next in
  21. If Leclerc were to falter and based on Texas' current roster I think they could go to Ian Kennedy to try to turn the non roster invitee into absolutely anything in a trade.
  22. $2500 15 team draft champions 1st 10 rounds board.
  23. I started with a Dodgers Yankees world series #1 and that 1 of those 2 sluggers would play in at least 140 games, 2 is bold but here's hoping.
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