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  1. Sounds really fun. I'll join. bbiffle89@gmail.com
  2. We need 1 more owner to fill our Dynasty Superflex Startup. 12 team league. 30 man rosters with an additional 4 devy spots filled with annual 1 round drafts of HS grads. 5 pts Pass TD, 0.5 PPR. 1 Qb, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Superflex and 2 FLEX, 1 DST, 1 K. $100 buy in. We will be drafting on myfantasyleague but importing the league to ESPN post draft so we can play for free. All funds done through LeagueSafe. Must join our Whats App chat group. Slow draft begins today at 2 PM E. 6 hours per pick with the clock stopped at night. Email me at bbiffle89@gmail.com
  3. We need 6 more owners for a 12 team dynasty baseball startup on CBS. Rosters have 40 MLB and 15 MiLB spots with weekly lineups. $100 buy in via LeagueSafe. Balanced payouts to division winners, with division reseeding each year to help rebuilding teams. Hoping to fill up quick so we can start the 55 round draft. What's App group required. Standard CBS Points scoring. If you have any questions email me at bbiffle89@gmail.com or WhatsApp 210-580-3671.
  4. Invite sent. Follow the link on the main page for LeagueSafe. Drawing the draft order once everyone is paid up.
  5. 1 spot left. Looking to draw draft order tonight and start drafting tomorrow morning, slow draft!
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