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  1. I agree with ^^^. Hiura has proven himself, surprised he was sent down but I understand. If there are no better SP you can trade for them that’s not terrible. Any chance you have an owner that is especially high on rookies and may have extra SP? I always try to pry rookies as throw ins in deals so I can potentially use them as throw ins to hope it helps those who value rookies make the deal.
  2. 12 Team Roto 5x5 (OBP and QS) 5 Keeper Traded Altuve and Brantley for Correa and a 6th round pick. Playing for next year at this point. My keepers now: Arenado, Story, Correa, Yelich, Judge
  3. I am in a 12 team Roto league. We get to keep up to 5 players every season. Draft pick trading is allowed in our league with the redraft beginning in the 6th round, unless not every team keeps 5. Ive been offered Correa and a 6th round pick for Altuve and Brantley. Im leaning towards accepting but I don’t feel overly confident. I like Correa for his younger age but hate his injury history something that has also been a common story with a Altuve between last year and this year. My current Keepers are; Arenado Judge Yelich Story Altuve Any insight would be appreciated in helping my decision. Thanks
  4. Wow. In hindsight vetoable but at the time ehhh.
  5. Traded DeGrom for Judge and Yordan Alvarez I am unfortunately out of it this year so I’m trading to upgrade keepers and acquire as many low round draft picks as I can (5 max for each owner). 12 Team Roto 5 Keeper My keepers: Arenado, Story, Altuve, Yelich, Judge
  6. Interested in finding out from those of you high on Correa if you would take Correa and a 6th round pick (5 keeper league so that’s first round) for Altuve and Brantley. 12 team roto keeper league. I’m building for next year.
  7. I think Baez straight up for him would be fair but not sure the Scherzer owner would take him. Offer Severino and Baez. Remember your getting the best pitcher in the league. Baez Babip last year was 405. He’s coming back down to earth this year so sell him while you can. Severino will come back but not be 100%. Might help you land him. No way he takes Merrifield and Ryu I’d imagine.
  8. Who are you planning on keeping? I like Meadows and would potentially keep him but in an 8 team league I’m not sure. I’d probably dump the pitchers and keep hitters only so in my mind keep Meadows. Go after Castillo if you want a SP and try to hold onto Meadows.
  9. Do it. Stanton won’t be 100% ROS anyways.
  10. Lucchesi. I don’t think Porcello will be as bad as he’s been though.
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