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  1. For the record, the original +/- was 83.5. In 2019 the Mets led the league with 95 HBP. The Reds and As would have also hit the over and the Cubs were close at 83. 7 total teams were 80 or above. So Vegas wise, it seems like a fair number. The Commish is going to make the umps toss out pitchers pretty quick. That will likely keep the number high, but cap any ridiculous #s.
  2. I think it's how I like to search stats. There's just not enough numbers/players on sceen at once to quickly look at back and forth to compare. If I was going to look for a specific player, sure. If I'm trying to see who ahd the most steals in the last 2 weeks and cross check that with highest batting average, that's a lot of scrolling all of a sudden.
  3. True, chat is nice, I'll give you that. For adds, drops, player searches, trades, and that type of action, I just go to the bookmarked webpage, on my phone, not a laptop.
  4. I'm a yahoo fantasy supporter, but the app is no bueno for everything except drafting. I use the website on my phone for everything.
  5. It's a pain on your phone, but click your fantasy profile, switch your phone browser to "desktop site"(idk what the apple equivalent is, but get off mobile view), click baseball, history, click on your last year's league. You can see end of year rosters and draft results.
  6. Arraez seems format dependent. He'll rack up points, but not exactly a 5 category stud for roto.
  7. Those are major surgeries and not at all similar to meniscus. This is coming from a guy who has had meniscus surgery in my own life.
  8. Every year, same defense. It isn't the Rockies, it's Bud Black wherever he is coaching.
  9. This is such a bad take. Mlb has constantly changed rules for well over 100 years when teams try to get a little too cute. There is a reason bunting foul with 2 strikes is an out now. Just as an example, there is no difference between saying a batter can't constantly foul of pitches to tire out a pitcher or wait for a perfect pitch and saying you can't change pitchers every batter. When you try to exploit a loophole, mlb has closed that loophole. LOOGYs are new. Not MLB cracking down on exploiting rules.
  10. Anything new here? Do we think he's done for 2019?
  11. This one says repair, and nothing about snip, hence ER. Rapaport fails.
  12. I thought Montgomery looked good....he got to the line of scrimmage on plays I thought would lose yards on.
  13. The source I can find (Rapaport's twitter) that sort of details it isn't 100% clear, but it does specifically say "trim a torn meniscus". If you own him, you should know about his situation already.
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