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  1. Bump for 2020 Looking to add as many owners as possible. League was a big hit in 2019.
  2. Alright folks...here we go! 4-10 Man Leagues ran as 1 Mega League Payouts Galore...for baseball there was 13 ways to win some eazy $ 3 Leagues in 1... 1. A Survivor approach named Last Man Standing 2. The normal boring standard league set-up 3. A TD ONLY League where the team who scores the most TDs will get paid LAST MAN STANDING CONCEPT Each week the lowest scoring teams will be eliminated. Teams that get eliminated will be able to rejoin LMS if they gain revival by being the highest scoring team of the week. Teams that haven't been eliminated will f
  3. Team available has some great talent and cap friendly players. some tweaking here and there and its a top contender salaries held on google docs https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lGJKJPiza_1BXZiCNyrNLeEiEVbXoLdF04kHwTmkKu8/edit#gid=2139872963 must join groupme app for transaction purposes, not a real chat heavy group, just business
  4. i was actually looking for his thread last night. thanks
  5. Sell more beer...we're talking Canadian Brew? Yuck
  6. Mike Soroka getting the call up for Thursday start v Arizona
  7. He usually flips out and blows up your DM if you bust his chops for more then three consecutive days, just sayin. He's the funny guy out in the open, SUPER sensitive behind closed doors. Pretty sure he is just bored.
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