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  1. Hilton always good vs texans no matter for some reason
  2. Jk dobbins is higher in everyones rankings but i feel like the touches just arent there. Akers could get 20 touches
  3. Just picked up jordan howard with breida possibly out. Im assuming he would headline the miami backfield?
  4. He may have been ranked that high those seasons but find the break down of his per week stats. His consistency rating was awful. Alot of his points were loaded into just a handful of big games everything else was 5/60 and worse. He wasnt someone you could count on then and he def isnt now
  5. I owned AJ the last few years in various leagues and hes been washed up for a good while now. 2 and 3 years ago he would fall off hard later in the season and disappear and thats not even including the injuries. Not sure why ppl are counting on this guy as a wr2/3. I picked up higgins everywhere i could counting on this guy to get replaced by him. Its been all name since 2017
  6. If the Bills play on tuesday do those points count towards week 5 in fantasy?
  7. Hope yall are right. In a 12 teamer got sanders in the first and chubb on the turn. Worried about both but well see
  8. Are there any platforms that provide best ball for season long? Thanks
  9. You just convinced me to start him over penny. Was wondering why this thread was so quiet the whole week
  10. Anyone worried about ridley with hooper back and julio playing?
  11. Whats everyones thoughts on him against the Chiefs this week. [...]
  12. I agree with others i would play guice or penny over drake. Otherwise stay pat
  13. Gallup for sure 2nd is tough but prolly go pascal
  14. Leaning towards white but makes me a little nervous
  15. Cant go wrong with either id prolly go with matchup thats in better weather and if both have good weather lean towards rodgers
  16. Ridley @ NO, Jamison Crowder @ CINC, or Parker @ Philly Thanks!
  17. worried about folk myself is it a sit for him? May be up mcloughlin
  18. Would you make this move for the playoff push? Wanted to hold on to Mclauren but makes more sense with parker getting 10 targets a game and an that plaoff schedule. I have to win this week to make the playoffs. Parker would be for playoff run not this week. I could drop Golden Tate as well but he has a good last few matchups.
  19. Larry fitz, ridley, dorsett, or fuller
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