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  1. After taking defense with their first two picks I could still see the Cowboys addressing that side of the ball in round three. You can never have enough CB's although I do like Trevon Diggs and their first round pick Patrick Surtain. They did sign Damontae Kazee in FA but with this guy still available I can see them adding to the safeties room. Richie Grant UCF Safety @PisEdiRin is on the clock
  2. @Boudewijn I will do another round with the Cowboys. Awesome job with this too by the way. A lot of fun.
  3. With the Chargers addressing the O line in round one I could see them still going that way in round 2. A lot of the prospects are gone at this point. With Brandon Staley taking over and more than likely going with the Fangio style defense with the Chargers I could see them going EDGE or Secondary help. Payton Turner EDGE Houston @beotosIs on the clock
  4. I will take the Chargers in the second round or the Cowboys if @The G Mandoesn't want them.
  5. I'll take the Cowboys The Cowboys had one of the most historically bad defenses in 2020 so I think this would be an easy call at pick 10. Although with Slater still on the board they could groom someone to take over Smith who's battled injuries the past few years I still think they will go with defense. Patrick Surtain ll CB Alabama
  6. Tatis owners and baseball fans in general
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