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  1. If you cannot change time for Irish and he cannot make it, then email me at enjoyfootball@yahoo.com . I will join team 2. Thanks
  2. I will take it , email me at hoangthienlong@yahoo.com
  3. 12-team keeper league. 1-QB, 1-pt. PPR. Dynasty I was offered Odell Beckham and Year 2021 Round 3 Draft Pick so the other team can have Juju Smith-Schuster and Year 2021 Round 1 Draft Pick I also have DeAndre Hopkins, Adam Thielen, Tyler Lockett and Tyrel Williams Take it ? Thanks .
  4. I would like to have team #4; email me at go4d9ers@gmail.com
  5. Hi Bro,

    Our 12 team from

    have one left because he can not join our draft at 1:00PM PST tomorrow; do you want to join us ? $20 league

    Send mail to Darrel


  6. I just add my email in another topic for Steelers . Email go4d9ers@gmail.com
  7. I am happy to join you with Steelers team . Email me at go4d9ers@gmail.com . Thanks
  8. I love to join, email me at go4d9ers@gmail.com
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