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  1. Are the Raptors really a tank type of team? Some team aren't. The Pacers don't tank even when its to their detriment. The Raptors don't seem like that time of team either. Rather than an all out tank, my guess is they might give a few more minutes to Flynn. Of course, there is some pride in making late season losses against conference rivals miserable. I hope he stays with the Raptors to finish his career. However, if not, Philly seems like the best option.
  2. A motivated Victor playing for a long-term contract on a team in the playoff hunt is much better than his options playing in Houston. He helps the Heat defensively and should be more efficient as the 3rd option on offense most nights. Plus now he is playing for a team executive (Riley), coach (Spo), and teammate (Jimmy Butler) who know how to win and will hold him accountable.
  3. He will basically replace what they gave up defensively losing Jerami Grant but with more athleticism. If he stays healthy, he will get minutes and get opportunities on offense. Hopefully, with less pressure on offense as the 3rd or 4th option on most nights, he can be more efficient.
  4. Difficult to answer whether Ellington is a better option than Dillon without knowing more about your league. Ellington is a 3 point specialist and always seems to get hot each season but with inconsistent minutes. I would prefer Lamb or McDermott if they are available.
  5. I assume Luka and Kyrie are also SG eligible. If so, I would keep Bam. Brogdon is smoking hot right now and I really like him but he carries injury risk. SGA is solid but I don't believe you will see a return comparable to Bam this year.
  6. I agree. Depending on your team, Jrue may be more valuable than Ayton. The Nuggets are struggling and need MPJ.
  7. Based on his comments, it appears neither the Nets or Caris were aware. He is very fortunate they caught it during the trade physical. Best wishes that he will be alright and be able to return to the court soon.
  8. He will probably tell him "Hey dude, you do realize the world is flat, right? If you listen to me, I will make sure you don't fall off the end."
  9. This is why I never dunked the basketball when playing CYO. Well, and the fact that I couldn't.
  10. I don't care which hand he uses to shoot as long as he is doing it in an NBA game.
  11. This is sage advice. When he plays, he is stellar. Headache to own. Hopefully, those who invested weighed the risk-reward. I believe he will come back and play. Of course, he may retire and join the French Foreign Legion.
  12. Cool Story - I once drafted a team comprised of only players with a rap sheet or considered thug players. It had Rasheed and AI on it. It was a moderately competitive league. It was one of the most dominant teams I have ever had in fantasy.
  13. Victor has previously stated his goal is to play for the Heat. I believe he has a home in Miami. If so, that is an interesting choice since they will be unlikely willing or able to give him a max contract which he has also stated he wants. He has been linked to the Celtics as a possible trade target before the deadline. The Knicks could also be in play.
  14. Victor is an UFA and had made it clear that he wants a max contract. The writing was on the wall that wasn't going to happen when Brogdon was added. Initially, he was down on the Brogdon trade but given how well they meshed at the beginning of the season, you have to wonder if his attitude wasn't changing some. Victor sees himself as a number one option. Unfortunately, that is probably not the case, at least, not with a championship caliber team. Caris will probably provide similar, though slightly lower numbers, at least this year. Caris is signed through 2022-23 at slightly less than wh
  15. He would have quite the legacy if he understood the opportunity he has had. Unfortunately, his legacy will be "what could have been." Of course, we don't know his life's experience and why he acts the way he does. The best would be for him to play while he can and then address the other issues later.
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