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  1. TEs are super fickle this year so I feel ya. The ones you mention are all pretty TD dependent. I would go with Reed or Kmet. Kmet has more upside. He's a rookie and he may have turned the corner, but If those 7 targets per game magically disappear in the next weeks I also wouldn't be surprised. I also see Reed getting a little more attention now that Samuel is out, 3/8 of the games he's played this year he's had some decent output (for a TE)
  2. What is considered a good matchup for a #2-#3 receiver in an offense? One where the game flow is in their favor (for example, Samuel has GB this week which means Car is likely to either playing from behind or in a close matchup) or one where the opposing defense typically gives up a decent amount of Fpts to WRs (Gage has a matchup with TB who are bottom 1/3 in FP to opposing WRs)?
  3. I own Goeddert and recently picked up Thomas. It's a tough decision between the two of them week to week. They both have tangible boom potential with their high target volume. Can't really say the same for those other guys. If I were you, I'd roll the dice with Thomas and hope for the best. Have a feeling in at least 1 of the 2 playoff weeks we will see a nice game from him. Help me out:
  4. Thin at WR and looking for a 4th WR (who could ultimately be my 3rd option compared to Lamb, and 2nd option if (god forbid) either Adams of Thomas goes down) WRs: Adams, Thomas, Lamb, D.Samuel (dropping) Which one of these guys should I target off the wire? -C.Samuel -T.Patrick -R.Higgins -Gage -G.Davis -Cole Sr. -Lazard,
  5. I would have said Mostert is no longer must start after this Sunday, but he was still generally efficient (14car, 65 yds) and has a juicy machup next week @Dal. Not sure if I can trust him after the last 3 duds, but if he's gonna go off this postseason, next week's as good a chance as any...
  6. This type of performance has to cement him as the lead/main back in this offense, right? Is there any chance the coaching staff could see this as an abberation and continue next week with the "hot hand" / RBBC approach they've used the whole year? Maybe I'm just a little wary as a Jonathan Taylor owner, seeing the way the Colts have treated him. The week after he had 26 carries for 105 yards and a TD and looked like the lead back, they gave him only 13 carries (which he turned into 59 yards) against the Jets. I know, different teams, different systems, but still wary (in regards to fanta
  7. So this guy went off! Outlook for him is promising sans Will Fuller (and maybe even Cooks), but there's not a large enough sample size to feel comfortable plugging him in for the playoffs I'd think. Maybe as a desperation flex?
  8. For anyone who's still concerned about any kind of rift between Thomas and Brees: https://www.nfl.com/videos/michael-thomas-says-he-and-brees-have-reconciled-after-qb-s-comments-on-kneeling
  9. Hard to say. Right now, I'd say Taylor. Sure, he's had his ups and downs this season, but I do think he's been more consistent and has had the better season thus far. I also think the Colts management won't keep him down forever and he will breakout at some point. But this is pure speculation. I'm not an insider, and I'm not sure how the offseason will treat each back/the system they play in. Can you help me out?
  10. I think Lazard is the best of the bunch here. He is the #2 in GB and you can't do much better than Aaron Rodgers throwing you the football. Can you help me with a similar dilemma?
  11. Yeah, same as the others. I'd drop GB for SF and drop Reagor for Aiyuk. Once Aiyuk is back I think you can feel pretty confidently plug him into your lineup if you need/want to. I would also prioritize picking up Aiyuk over the SF D. Can you help me out?
  12. So I'm 8-3 (hopefully 9-3 after today's game) and will likely have the 1 seed in the playoff meaning I'll have a bye during week 14. As I just lost Will Fuller ROS, I was wondering how I should use this newly free roster spot to maximize my chances in weeks 15 and 16. my team (10 team, standard scoring, 2RB, 2WR, 1 RB/WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE) QB: Josh Allen (Wk 15 @Den, Wk16 @NE) RB: Robinson, Carson, Mostert, J.Taylor, Z.Moss, D.Johnson WR: Adams, M.Thomas, CeeDee Lamb, Deebo Samuel, Will Fuller V TE: Dallas Goedert, Hayden Hurst D/ST: Browns K: Koo The top waiver prospects are
  13. Of course. It seems clear the suspensions won't (and shouldn't) be overturned. However, I was under the assumption that players can always appeal a suspension, and while they are appealing, there is a chance they can still play/delay their suspension. Though I would understand if the appeal process is entirely different in regards to a positive drug test.
  14. Anyone have any idea if he will appeal the suspension at all? Or if the suspension can even be appealed? Seems like both Fuller and Roby are maintaining they weren't aware they were using banned substances.
  15. Someone in my league dropped Mark Andrews, should I drop Dallas Goedert or Hayden Hurst to pick him up? Andrews has been boom or bust all year. I like the boom potential, and my team has functioned fine without a solid TE for weeks (had Engram for the first 6-7 weeks). But I'm relatively happy with Hurst as a solid high floor option as far as TEs go and Goedert seems to have a lot of potential now that he's healthy. What do you guys think? Should I stay put with my serviceable, albeit mediocre so far TEs. Seems like a bit of wash, but want to know what you guys think.
  16. The safe move for you is to pull the trigger, land a TE and have a reliable high floor option there. There's always the chance AB is great, but I think it's a bit of gamble and is definitely not a sure thing. You'd be trading AB based on pure speculation of his potential value and I'm guessing you probably picked him up off the wire "for free". Either way, you win, but trading for TJ is more of a sure win. Thanks for the help with mine!
  17. He's not? Last news I heard is he is questionable and they're gonna test him on Friday (which is perfect timing for starting/not starting Hasty 🙃)
  18. Should I start Hasty over any of my starters? Starters: D.Johnson J.Robinson C.Carson (Q) Will Fuller V M.Thomas (Q) Bench: J.Taylor (Q) Z.Moss M.Williams C.Lamb As Thomas and Carson both carry the questionable tag, I was wondering what you all think about starting Hasty today in case one of them can't go on Sunday. OR should I hope for the best with Carson and Thomas rely on my bench players to fill in if one (or both) of them ends up being out this week as well?
  19. 6-2, so no playoff hopes on the line (yet) but I'm wondering If I can afford to start Hasty this week - 10 team standard scoring - Current Lineup: QB: Allen RB: J.Rob, D.Johnson, RB/WR: Carson WR: Adams, Fuller V Flex: M.Thomas TE: Hurst D/ST: streaming K: Koo I'd love to start Hasty with such a juicy matchup as he's likely to get a lot of carries against a soft defense, but I'm not sure I feel comfortable starting him over any of those guys in my RB/WR/Flex slots. Would I be crazy to keep Hasty on the bench? If M.Thomas or Carson can't go on sunday, I'll probably
  20. I wouldn't do this trade under any other circumstance than what you said. If you need the points/bye week cover, Davis seems like your best bet, so I'd make the trade. Thanks for the help on mine!
  21. I'd say it's a bit stilted towards the Ridley, Smith side, as that side gets a WR1 and TE1. Even if the guy is truly desperate for a QB, I'm not sure Cam (especially after last week), will convince them to dump their best WR and one of the better TEs in the league. Maybe without lumping in Lazard, or without the TEs I'd find the deal a bit more equal.
  22. Although I think the trade is fairly close, and in standard scoring I would maybe prefer to keep Gaskin, your scoring is PPR you have nice depth at RB so you don't really need to keep Gaskin. I think in PPR Kupp has some decent value over some of your current WRs so I'd do it. Thanks for the help with mine!
  23. I think it's an okay trade, but I'm not sure you should trade away your depth at RB for what would essentially be a depth add at WR. If it came down to it (esp. after this weekend's performance) I think I would prefer to start Swift over Lamb at flex ROS (and I'm a Lamb owner myself), so I would stick with what you have. Thanks for the help on mine!
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