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  1. younis i paid please email espn invite to studsucram@gmail.com see ya at the draft tomorrow
  2. Anybody no any leagues with no trades? If not and I can get 9 others down I will create one...... or you could ☺️☺️☺️
  3. Looking to draft Thur Sept 3rd evening ESPN Snake League Safe. Please post info here or send info to studsucram@gmail.com Thanks in advance.
  4. So sorry junkyard I paid other guy and join your league please delete my team in king of kings Kali quakes.....thanks and sorry for the confusion i was doing too much at once.
  5. Jheyerly I received invite need IS link studsucram@gmail.com
  6. Send me invite also will pay now studsucram@gmail.com
  7. I'm down if someone don't pay i can pay now studsucram@gmail.com
  8. I want to get in a snake espn league that draft this evening ...please send info to studsucram@gmail.com
  9. Me and friend will join studsucram@gmail.com and gpkrisraman@gmail.com
  10. Me and friend will enter if still have 2 spots but can't draft on 1st studsucram@gmail.com and gpkrisraman@gmail.com
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