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  1. I’m also interested in any leagues drafting tonight. No real preference just want to draft
  2. Yea i apologize for giving that impression. I’m really feeling a Sunday night draft tho if someone steps up
  3. I forgot to mention I have never ran a leaguesafe league and I dont love the responsibilities of being commish. If someone else wants to commish, lets get this ball rolling. That’s like 6 ppl interested
  4. Anyone trying to get a league going tonight and draft? I am thinkin ESPN and collecting the money thru leaguesafe. I’m open to a snake or auction draft. Would prefer league entry under 25$ since we would be throwing something together so fast, but lets see if this gets any buzz. Post if you’re interested.
  5. Set up an account on leaguesafe.com and then pay with cc and at the end of season there is a voting process so the rightful champion is paid
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