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  1. Looking for a .5 PPR, $50-100 league drafting tonight (9/7) or tomorrow night (9/8)
  2. Again, the buy-in is $50, it's a .5 PPR, and the league is at 8:00PM EST Tuesday Night (September 5th) If interested, please email me at bchalfie@gmail.com, thanks!
  3. A friend and I are looking to join a new dynasty or keeper league. Minimum $75 buy-in and would prefer standard or .5 PPR. If your league meets those criteria, email me at bchalfie@gmail.com, thanks!
  4. If you're starting up a new dynasty/keeper league, or need new leaguemates, please email me at bchalfie@gmail.com. A friend of mine would love to join as well.
  5. A friend and I are seriously interested. Email me at bchalfie@gmail.com
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