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  1. It's funny to hear people talk about Cams pass protection not realizing Henderson showed some of the worst pass protection skills in the league last year... They refused to play him in a passing role he was so bad at it... Basically Malcolm Brown vs their stud second down rookie whose tape looks like a spitting image of Dalvin Cook... This is not hard.
  2. Who guys realize Ben hurt his throwing elbow weeks before his first two games last year right. He said it has been bothering him for a month leading up to the season. I wouldn't put much stock Into 2019 as a read for 2020...
  3. 29 is old for any position except QB and ol on o... Receivers historically fall off at 29.. obv not all but def want to move thielan while u can
  4. Both Higgins and Boyd are great dynasty targets...if Burrow continues his stardom... Mixon passing numbers should jump to CEH levels.. This is gonna be a great offense if their o line gets Burrow enough time to be Burrow... Buy Higgins
  5. If he throws goal line back onto whatever he does, he could be the most valuable asset in San Fran.
  6. Ruggs fits shanny's offense the best... The only piece left s the speed receiver position to open up the rest of the field for Deebo and Hurd...
  7. Burrow is going to make him blossum next year tho Dynasty Target
  8. But entering free agency I guarantee you he will end up in a great offense for his skill set. So in a PPR league all he would need to be an RB2 would be 8-12 carriers a game. In a great offense he is going to get 6 - 10 pass targets a game like Kamara. Name a receiving back better then Ekeler... PPR dynasty RB2 min as I said
  9. Breida would be gone as a free agent and Jerrick will surely be released...it would be Ekeler and T Coleman with Hurd sprinkled in
  10. He's a free agent next year. I predict he will go to San Fran. Doesn't he scream Kyle Shan more then McKinnon even does.. The way he makes plays as a dual threat he is going to get paid... He's a dynasty ppr RB 2 min
  11. .5 ppr dynasty superflex (12 team)

    1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 3FLEX 1SF

    QB J Garoppolo

    RB S Barkley

    RB N Chubb

    WR Ty Hill

    WR Curtis Samuel

    TE Hunter Henry

    Flex T Boyd

    Flex M Hardman

    Flex A Tate

    SF R FitzMagic


  12. If you have D Mont.. Don't be scared... His sparq score aligns with Kareem Hunt and his vision is a difference maker... A la leveon... https://www.rotoworld.com/article/evaluations/nfl-draft-rb-deep-dive Also Josh Jacobs sparq is 8 percent and Nagy came out today and said D Mont and Cohen need to be used more...
  13. Just got him in the 3rd in a 12 team dynasty .5 ppr start up... What ya think?
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