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  1. Yea we lost the pick for the player we keep.
  2. I'm a little surprised by the Devers over Vlad by a wide margin; mainly considering Devers would be round 12 and Vlad round 23, with what is likely a similar profile. Is it mainly that people trust Devers more than Vlad at this point?
  3. We keep one pitcher and one position player. Players are kept in the rounds they were drafted in and can be kept for 3 consecutive years. Position Players: Moncada, Round 14; Devers, Round 12; Robles, Round 10; Vlad, Round 23 Pitchers: Glasnow, Round 18; Giolito, Round 23 Which position player and which pitcher do I keep? I've kept Vlad for 1 year so I can keep him this year and next, if desired. I'm leaning toward Vlad and Glasnow at the moment. Thoughts?
  4. I’m going with Miami. They’ve been solid and New England and cam are just not great
  5. Raise your hand if you thought this would be a week 15 debate 3 months ago! 2020 man. Anyway, it's hard to sit your studs. I'm leaning Watson with Cooks back and him being familiar with Indy. Help here?
  6. Just like the title says. Start Lamar v Jacksonville or Josh Allen v Denver?
  7. I'm currently thinking of starting the following. QB/SF: Russ, Watson RB: Dobbins, Jacobs WR: DK, MT, Nuk TE: Hock Flex: Godwin, CEH Jacobs and CEH are my main hangups right now. Both an injury/illness risk and Jacobs playing Indy is a tough matchup. Possible subs are: Devontae Booker (v Indy), Lamb (v Cincy), Gabe Davis (v Pitt), AB (v Minn), Mooney (v. Houston), Hunter (v. ATL), Goedert (v. Saints) I'm gonna have to start 1 of Jacobs/CEH with Mixon on IR. Do I start both of them? If not, which of Jacobs/CEH do I start and who from above do I flex? I don't hate Lamb v. Ci
  8. Yea that’s what my gut is saying. I’m starting Gabriel Davis too so maybe a TD there would put me over the top
  9. Looking for about three total TDS and 200 yards. Lamar v Dallas is such a good matchup but I’m concerned about the lack of Andrews and Snead, the fact that ravens may go run heavy; and that their defense might just destroy Dallas. Thoughts?
  10. Start Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen? Single QB league and QB scoring is pretty high. Lamar v. Bengals, Allen v. Titans. Of note, my league has contingencies in place if Allen's game is ppd so I'm not worried about that.
  11. Who do I keep from the following? Of note, we are able to keep the same player for 3 straight years. I kept Vlad last year, so I would have this year and next if I keep him. The rest of the players I would have this year and the next two. Vlad - Round 23 Devers - Round 12 Moncada - Round 14 Glasnow - Round 18
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