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  1. 7 hours ago, BaBaBooey said:

    I think people are grossly undervaluing Michael Thomas right now, this deal makes sense to me. Also, 2 for 1 deals are probably the best way to upgrade a position, so I wouldn't take that advice very seriously. 



    Late response, but thank you for the advice!

  2. 6 hours ago, dkrocka said:

    I just acquired Michael Thomas and TE Tonyan GB for Amari Cooper and Mark Andrews. I'm in first place right now with the not so healthy Jonnu on the bench. So theres some context there on depth and playoff implications. I might have lost the trade value wise? He countered my cooper and montgomery offer. His RB's and TE was weak. Quite frankly, dalton looks like an immobile terd and Zeke will probably be used more. Andrew's comes up with winning performances but it's never based on volume. And Michael Thomas is likely a top 5 WR. Like very likely. The Saints are trying to catch the Bucs, and Brees is a vet who likes to drink and dunk. Omg dink 


    I personally dont think much of Godwin. Brady loves Gronk and theres Evans whose having a great year. I dont see Godwin being very consistent. Do you remember a wr#2 for Brady having a standout year? It sucks cuz Godwin is quite a specimen. But I think you should take that deal. Gaskin looks great but rookie QB. I like trading away Singletary a lot more. But I dont see why anyone would trade Michael Thomas for #3 Godwin, and possibly #2 Singletary, on their respective teams.

    Its buy low, get it done.

    Thank you! I really appreciate the input

  3. 9 hours ago, Fried Pork Grind said:

    I honestly really like this trade... You are buying low on probably the best fantasy WR in football and giving up a low end WR1/2 and RB that we don't know how he will be used with Tua. Gaskin was getting 5 targets a game with Magic, we don't know if that will increase or decrease. You know what you will get from Thomas when he returns. This is trade depends on your record IMO. If you are winning and think playoffs are a real shot then I would really consider. 

    Your starters for playoffs would be a buzzsaw. 



    Im late! But thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it

  4. Was offered Michael Thomas for Chris Godwin and Myles Gaskin (.5 PPR). On the fence whether to accept and was looking for some feedback.

    My RBs: McCaffrey, J. Taylor, Gaskin, Singletary, Fournette, Justin Jackson.

    My WRs: Godwin, Ridley, Kupp, Hilton, Higgins, A. Jeffery.

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