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  1. I don't know much about him tbh, I'm a casual I guess lol. Is he even in on 3rd downs?
  2. It's a package deal but essentially been offered Josh Jacobs for Mixon and not sure if I should take it.
  3. I was offered Odell for T.Y. Hilton in a .5 ppr league. Worth the risk to accept it?
  4. I was offered Melvin Gordon for Aaron Jones in a .5 PPR league. Should I consider this trade?
  5. Unhappy ODB owner has offered me him for T.Y. Hilton and Miles Sanders in .5 PPR. Should I consider this?
  6. O.J. Howard and Chris Herndon are available. Which is the best waiver pick up? Thanks
  7. I'm desperate for a win this week. I've been offered Alvin Kamar and T.Y. Hilton for Zeke and Calvin Ridley in .5 ppr. Could maybe throw in Tyrell Williams instead of Ridley since I have no other WRs to play if T.Y. sits
  8. Was offered Gurley and O.J. Howard for Aaron Jones and Tyrell Williams in a .5 PPR league. Looking for opinions on whether to accept.
  9. Was offered Chris Carson for Aaron Jones. .5ppr. Accept?
  10. In a .5 PPR League, would you trade Aaron Jones for Chris Carson or James Connor?
  11. My RBs: Ezekiel Elliot, Joe Mixon, Kerryon Johnson, Miles Sanders My WRs: Davante Adams, Amari Cooper, Calvin Ridley, Mike Williams, Tyrell Williams Accept or stay where I am?
  12. Was offered Leveon Bell for Aaron Jones in a .5 PPR league. I'm pretty stacked at RB with Zeke, Mixon, Kerryon, and M. Sanders. Should I still do this trade? I was also offered by another owner Michael Thomas for Aaron Jones as well. WRs are Davante, Cooper, Ridley, Tyrell, M. Williams. Any advice is appreciated!
  13. Well your safest bet is Fitz. I would rate Kerryon as the 2nd option here. I think gameflow could hurt Gordon, but he could also blow up. You were leaning Fitz and I think you should stick to it!
  14. I do not think you should make that trade. I believe your team will be stronger with Julio instead of the collection of players you'd receive in that trade.
  15. My backs are Zeke, Gurley, Michel, and Cohen. My wrs are awful. With Hill out Cooks is my top WR. I was offered Lockett for Cohen. Should I make this trade or keep what little rb depth I have with Cohen? .5 PPR League
  16. Was offered Aaron Jones and Chris Godwin for Todd Gurley in a .5PPR league. Should I accept even with the touch count news with A.J.?
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