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  1. Dont think he tore anything. Luck had him being rather low to the ground already and he seemed to be able to move his body so that thr impact was somewhat alleviated. Probably bruised? Then again, Blake and knee injuries...
  2. 2 weeks it seems Kawhi was at practise today but wasnt dress
  3. Owned in 20% of the leagues out there, or less: E'Twann Moore - Lowkey value Mike James - Could take back spot from Ulis. Wesley Johnson - Not great, but Clippers dont have much else, contributes across the board. CJ Miles - Dope 3s. PJ Tucker - Love his under the radar value. Jahlil Okafor - Could be had for a 2nd, so should be playing somewhere else soon. Wayne Ellington - Has ups and dows but could help win a week, Kenneth Faried - Milsapp out, Faried in. Jarett Allen - Could see more minutes soon Tony Snell - Seems to be the winner
  4. So that maks it cool to call a player whos given his all from a really young age, but whos been dealing with loads of injuries a vagina? Y'all need a reality check. Smh. Edit: https://twitter.com/lawyerfrozenman/status/934142907103236096
  5. Why? What did you accomplish in life? Aint nobody betting on your fantasy stats, is there?
  6. Thing with shoulder and elbow injuries is that in screws up so much of your daiky activity. Especially the shoulder. Influences the way you sleep as well. So better to let it heal now than to let it linger and still deal with it buly the time the playoffs start. Also the leagur announced it would assess resting games more closely this season, so instead of resting players later on in the year, you'll see teams giviny players a game or a few games off more easily early in the season.
  7. Milsapp xrays came back neggative. Still expect him to miss time. Faried or Lyles could see some more minutes if youre in a pinch for pf production.
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