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  1. Jadeveon Clowney DL, Cleveland Browns Browns signed DL Jadeveon Clowney, formerly of the Titans, to a one-year contract worth up to $10 million. Clowney will join his fourth team in four years after a 2020 season in which he didn't record a sack in eight games. He missed half the season with a knee injury -- a rarity for the usual-durable veteran. In Cleveland, Clowney, 28, stands to benefit from the attention opposing offenses will give to blocking Myles Garrett. The Browns in 2020 had the 12th lowest sack rate in the NFL, averaging 2.2 sacks per game (16th).
  2. QB’s get overrated and pushed into the 1st round every year because of the scarcity at the position for truly great QB’s. There are always a few that go in the 1st round that have no business being there. And some fall because of silly reasons like Wilson and Brees. Overall there are very few can’t miss QB prospects and the rest is completely random luck like Mahomes and Rodgers.
  3. Some QB’s will be available post-draft and during training camp.
  4. The only caution would be the lacking options around him. His receiving corps is a sad bunch and the OLine isn't in great shape unless some of those guys can come back fully healthy. The draft could change that, but currently it isn't looking great for 2021. But Hurts should at least be serviceable with his rushing. I think he will taper off around the mid-point of the season though.
  5. Tyreek was an isolated case. Not a pattern of less than savory indecent acts that could end up being criminal. One victim vs a number of victims.
  6. I think Fulgham will emerge again as the #1.
  7. It isn’t all that different. Sure, moving up into the top-5 and giving up on their guy is probably something that wouldn’t happen, but we have seen a recent example of a team giving up on a high 1st round draft pick QB within a year. I don’t think teams are marrying themselves to draft picks as much any more. At least some teams understand it is about getting the best player and not waiting around to see if your current players pan out.
  8. LOL typical off-season fluff pieces
  9. I’ve been a big fan and supporter of Watson since his college days. He slayed the juggernaut that is Alabama. All of this is really concerning though l. Context doesn’t really matter at this point. He was involved in some inappropriate behavior and downright criminal behavior based on the accusations. Not looking good for him.
  10. Kyle Rudolph is an upgrade? Lol Most of those FA acquisitions were plugging holes and not all that exciting.
  11. I believe the counter point is that he was uber efficient with those reduced targets correct? Couldn’t he become less efficient and the targets remain about the same?
  12. Patriots did it a few years ago and beat the Rams. Paying for Gilmore and some other players in FA. It usually takes a combination of FA moves and good drafting to have a team contend.
  13. I heard on the radio that Henry was an excellent blocker or at least came into that role this season. I wasn’t sure either as I remember Henry being less of a blocker and more of a receiving TE. But not a Hernandez type of athlete. Either way, Belichick sees something.
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