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  1. I'm starting Hurts over Herbert without hesitation
  2. Only 1 team gets a bye this year and it will be the Chiefs
  3. Maybe. But when the entire defense is focused on Henry and OC knows that the QB can just fake to him and walk in the end zone, there isn't much incentive not to do just that.
  4. Let’s not kid ourselves. Luck always plays a huge part in this fantasy game that we play. If you watched every game each week you could probably argue that a lot of players should have +/- 10 points than they actually do.
  5. I am very worried about the matchup this week. Bucs haven't given up more than 89 yds rushing in a game all year and only 7 rushing TDs in 12 games. I know you never sit this guy, but I'm considering the unthinkable with James Robinson, Ekeler, and Montgomery also on my roster in 0.5 PPR.
  6. Yeah, but I think he only had 6 carries in the 2nd half.
  7. I’m a Titans season ticket holder. Firkser is a converted WR so he should be getting the targets with Swaim doing more blocking.
  8. Love Herbert and he’s been set and forget for me for the last 6 weeks, but Cousins, who has put up similar numbers over the last 4 weeks, is sitting out there as a FA in my league. I think they’ll both have good games but seems like the risk of Herbert disappointing vs NE is higher than Cousins vs JAX given the matchup. Going to think about this one some more but may have to sit Herbert just this week.
  9. Knowing how much the Colts own the Titans no matter who is on the field, I wouldn't get your hopes up
  10. Both of my leagues aren't renewing this year so looking to join another. Ideally and 8 cat league with buy-in anywhere from $50-$200.
  11. FFNow on ESPN 2 doing a report on steelers game from the stadium now and flags barely look to be moving. Is the wind supposed to pick up that considerably through the day?
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