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  1. Dobbins vs Cowboys bad defense. I'd go with Booker over Gallman just because Seahawks defense is pretty good as against opposing RBs.. Good luck!
  2. I’d go with JK and David Johnson. For TE go with HH. I feel like Hooper is TD dependent. Good luck! help with mine? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/832567-gio-or-jk-dobbins-half-ppr/
  3. Go with cousins. He’s getting Thielen back and that should help. help with mine ?
  4. Firsker, Hayden Hurst, or Logan Thomas? Thanks in advance.
  5. Arob & Gio for me. Arob should benefit from Mitch and Gio should do good even with the absence of Burrow. Help with mine?
  6. I'd go with Fitz as well. He was playing well before and I think he'll continue his good play.
  7. I also have Perine if Gio doesn't play so that's another option. Thanks in advance.
  8. I like Herbert here. Just look at his schedule and you'll see why.
  9. I think Brown is the best option even if the Rams use three backs. What you think? Thanks in advance.
  10. Im currently 6-4 sitting second in the division. I feel like my team can use some WR help and I have Herbert that I trade out. Thanks in advance! https://imgur.com/a/YQIDxVQ
  11. I also agree with picking up a playerfrom the WW... that's your best bet
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