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  1. As a keeper auction owner. I’m getting excited for the next few years. I mean can he really get that much better?!?!?
  2. Where is the M Rob salesman at lately? Give this thread some hope haha.
  3. He just doesn’t look like a skilled player. That’s the #1 issue.
  4. newb comment. I feel like a newb for trading Murray for Mrob. I took the risk and loss. I guess it happens.
  5. Before season started i traded kyrie for kwahi because i just hate kyrie and kwahi my favorite player. Lesson learned.
  6. As an Otto owner I wish selling was a possibility.
  7. Who do you like more LONG term, as in the next 3-5 years. I’m leaning Trae, I just like Siakim more as a player. Zinger I’m throwing in also. H2H
  8. Once again I own Mitch Rob stock and i hope he’s a beast. Just saying some risk involved as stated in this forum.
  9. Im not saying Jamal Murray better. I’m saying guys ranked around 40-60 can outproduce Mitch Rob. I traded Murray for Mitch Rob.... read the entire post.
  10. i agree. That’s why i did the trade. But sometimes safety in production is fine in fantasy basketball. Murray could shoot 46% and 20 5 5 and crack top 50 easy. Mitch rob could do absolutely nothing... it happens. I’m just saying I’m nervous on my decision. I don’t know if I’m getting jarret Allen or the next Gobert. Mitch rob has risk... but I’m not looking to unload my Mitch rob for less. I’m hoping he’s the next Gobert. That’s why I have stock in him.
  11. It’s not a steal if Mitch Rob is a dud. Jamal Murray still has upside and is a very usable PG/SG. He has huge game winning weeks. Mitch Rob could be a huge bust. Similar to jarret Allen last year... he was mediocre at best.
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