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  1. Just because he is slinging it, it doesnt mean they are catching it if the defense is playing well. But lets hope all goes well.
  2. With Seattle D I'd go with Terry. You also have to play the odds. WR1 vs RB2/3
  3. I need one of these as wr2. I like Higgins, but Giants offense is weak. Do Browns run a lot more in this case?
  4. Just saw on NFL Network, they confirmed both KA and Williams are active
  5. Considering over Rashard Higgins and Claypool
  6. From everything I see this guy took advantage of every apportunity presented to him. He looks like a deep threat guy who only needs a catch to get 50+ yards. Raiders awful D is even more awful being down 4 starters. What am I missing? He cant put up wr2 numbers with upside of wr1? Even of KA plays?
  7. Picked him up, would need to get more scoop on him but looks like if Allen and Williams are out he could fill in nicely into Flex/WR2 spot.
  8. Whatever it may or may not be, I think starting him in playoffs is a risk. IMHO he is a high risk high reward play. Have to look elsewhere for a safer floor.
  9. Eagles D is down 3 starters, Maddox, Mcleod and Slay
  10. What are we thinking for us desperate for a WR vs the Giants?
  11. With him having the catching ability I dont think script is the issue. His usage is the question mark. Some mentioned he got used in the passing game last week cause Moore was out. What are we thinking with Moore being back this week?
  12. I mostly hear not to do it and most likely I wont. Will circle back to let you know the outcome. Good luck ya'll!!
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