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  1. If you are putting this league together for this year, I would be very interested in joining. Email me at tedratican@yahoo.com if so.
  2. My brother and I would be interested in this or if bruski311 makes one. We would each take a team. tedratican@yahoo.com
  3. I would like to check the settings out but your link is not working. Shoot me an invite at tedratican@yahoo.com please.
  4. My brother and I are in this exact position! So add 2 more to this and we would have 3 owners here willing to join. Must be an Auction and drafting tonight.
  5. I have the perfect league for you!! It is an Auction league with contracts to keep the players you really hit it right one. Second year but no contracts have been given out so you decide to start new or give players contracts. Check out this Rotoworld link for more detailed info :
  6. Brand new league with contracts! Email sratican@hotmail.com with questions.
  7. Brand new league that will draft when filled. Email any questions to sratican@hotmail.com
  8. Brand new league with contracts. Just starting! email any questions to sratican@hotmail.com
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