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  1. Sorry, I am looking for a keeper league. Thanks for the invite
  2. Sorry, I don't understand your message. You need 3 people to join a league you have? If so, I am interested though you offer no information. Is it ESPN? if so then please send a link to the settings. thanks reply here or qfingerfl@att.net
  3. My bad you have been sending me invitations and I was not connecting the dots. Apologies. I did not realize the league was on Yahoo.
  4. Must be keeper league, snake draft, i/r slots, 10 or 12 team, no $ acquisitions, something close to normal lineup and scoring. Prefer a new league but will join existing league if the team has not been purposely destroyed. Max 5 keepers min 2. Please reply here or qfingerfl@att.net Thanks Bill
  5. If for any reason Rasroots doesn't take team 2 I would like it. I will however take team 1 if 2 is definitely gone. Thanks Bill Qfingerfl@att.net
  6. Exp manager looking for a free, ESPN, 10 or 12 team pretty standard league with snake draft and i/r slots. respond here or qfingerfl@att.net
  7. OK, I couldn't find one so Me and a friend are at this moment setting up a league as outlined above. Because of the short time before the season actually starts we wanted to get started ASAP. If you think you may be interested please leave your e-mail here or send message to qfingerfl@att.net. Any question, feel free to ask also here or at the above mentioned e-mail. Thanks
  8. I have been doing fantasy football since before computers when only fg and tds were counted. I am interested in a 10 or 12 team ESPN league. That's my only hard and fast requirement though I obviously have preferences snake draft, ppr, NO IDP, somewhat standard scoring, starters, and bench with IR slots.. All of those are negotiable. The only problem I have is that I want to have only 3 leagues and I already have 2. Thus we need to make a decision as to when and how we are going to do it ASAP. I have been LM of MANY leagues and have never had a problem filling any free league. Do not want to be LM but will help out gladly. let me know what you think Thanks Bill qfingerfl@att.net
  9. please send a link to allow me to check out the available team and league settings. Thanks qfingerfl@att.net
  10. Sorry, forget the qfinger reply. I am only interested in keeper leagues My Bad
  11. I am probably interested but please provide a link to team(s) available. Thanks Bill qfingerfl@att.net
  12. I responded over in the NBA section as well Please send invite to qfingerfl@att.net thanks Bill
  13. sorry JD. I honestly can't say for sure, but I probably did look and saw that you had IDP. That may have even been the reason for my late no IDP add on.
  14. Thank you for the offer, but definitely looking for a league with 12 reams or less. Luck to you
  15. Looking for free keeper 10 or 12 team ESPN league with fairly standard scoring and fairly standard starters Snake draft - new or existing - some I/r slots. Very Experienced reply here or to qfingerfl@att.net Thanks
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