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  1. Wasn't that the dude from American Dad? That show really launched his career. Lucky him, he's not very talented.
  2. I'm sure the people who write the blurbs you see on the main page are some lib community college-type dropouts, but its funny to see the way they phrase things differently for black and white players and coaches. Even at the site of a dying thing like fantasy football, to have silly antics like that is just ridiculous.
  3. still trolling Martinijlm? LOL You must be a sad, little man. I'd like to tell you it'll get better for you in life, but it won't
  4. People are still arguing with this idiot? LOL...anyone who is trolling on a fantasy football website is off their meds.
  5. Oh good to see Martinjlm has created another screen name to spout off nonsense. Keep it up reverse cooler; you're money.
  6. Funchess Kearse Sanu Stills Coleman Jaron Brown P Richardson By all means feel free to drop Diggs for any of these studs.
  7. People who drop Diggs for players on a silly list like the one above are not people who end up winning fantasy championships. But they certainly are people I enjoy having in my league.
  8. That is some pretty epic fanfic from reddit.
  9. One thing I've learned in three years on rotoworld is if Martinjlm is down on a player you start him. He/she is the reverse axeelf.
  10. Still holding my breath for positive news, but Mortenson has been wrong more often than not, so while worried I always saw that as the hope I could hang onto about the initial report.
  11. Not a fan of either team, but the NFL officials lose even more of their shaky credibility when they make calls like letting that last turnover stand.
  12. Lots of worried Murray owners in this thread.  Don't worry, he'll be ok...he's a spry 29 year old with no extensive injury history.  You can sleep soundly at night with your high rb pick.Â
  13. I'm sure he'll be peppered with targets in the two or three games he ends up playing in this year
  14. Alshon Jeffrey and his one good fantasy season playing opposite a younger, studly Marshall. Just don't understand the hype this guy gets...I guess it's the 2 good games he has out of the 8 he usually plays a year.
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